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  1. hi guys im new here and i am loving fly fishing ive been doing it for five months and found that this is a spectacular sport:thumb:
  2. Hello!
    I'm new to fly fishing, and fairly new to Yakima, moved here almost a year ago. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. Hey all , born and bred in rat city.Been flyfishing &:beer1:beer1: since I was 16.Taught by a guide named Mike who used to work at Sportswest & Warshalls.I have fished most of WA for trout & salmon. Hope to share & recieve info. :ray1: :cool: :beer2:
  4. Hello!

    This site is very important to the success of fly fishing in washington state. Thank you for giving fly fishermen in washington the forum to address issues that need addressing and lie or ass off.
  5. ok so i have belonged to this sight for a little while, but never formally introduced myself. my name is mark and i spend my time in kitsap and mason co. i live in e. bremerton and have a family vac. home in tahuya. i really enjoy reading all the posts and all the collective knowledge. so hello everbody!!!
  6. Hello everyone,

    My name is Sam and I recently moved to Seattle from Michigan. I have been fishing trout in Michigan for the past 12 years and love the lake run Steelhead we have there. I have no idea about the lay of the land here and i am very curious so any tips will help. Can't wait to start hookin up again.

    Tight lines

    Sam Soule
  7. :) Hi all - was just doing some browsing looking for a fly tying forum. Have been fly fishing now for about 16 years. Just got into tying this past week. Apparently one can never know too much about this activity. Really can't do too much FF here in SOCAL. Sure miss all those lovely rivers that you have in WA. Use to live in Woodinville. You all have a very nice site here. Hope that I can pick up some good tips as well as some constructive critique.
  8. Greetings,

    I have been on this site for a couple months now. I started fly fishing in Idaho in 1968, started flyfishing for steelhead in earnest on the Green, pre Green River Killer. Caught my first steelhead on a fly on the Green about 2 mi. above Soos Creek. I have since caught Tarpon at Homosassa in the Gulf, thrown flies at Belize tarpon, caught some Belize bonefish.

    I have been away from flyfishing for a while, getting back into it. I am not a youngster, but it is fun re-learning the far and fine. This fall I will be hitting the Grande Ronde, the Methow if it opens, the Stamp for my first time on Vancouver Island, and perhaps the Wenatchee if it opens.

    Hope to see you on the river. I am 6'7" tall, gray hair. If you see me, say Hi.

  9. Konnichiwa!

    My name is Yasuhiro and moved from Kyoto Japan several years ago. I live in Bellingham area and spend my weekends on Skagit, Thompson and other North sound/ BC rivers.
  10. Greetings,

    My name is Alexander. I used to live in WA and been around a bit, TX, CO and now MT. I'm married and my wife's native to WA (born in Everett). Been registered here for a while but never post much since I haven't been back for a while and do most of my fishing in the Rocky Mountain area.
  11. Hello everybody! I am new to this forum. My name is David Fishman, (hence Reel Fishman)... I have flyfished on and off, mostly off, for a few years. Lately I have been fishing more than ever, bout once a week. I like fishing for most cold water fish's, (trout, salmon). I find flyfishing very therapeutic, (you know calms the anxiety, I have two teens). I still haven't cought that elusive steelhead yet. Actually I haven't cought a salmon either! Good thing is, I am still anticipating that very first fight, and I am still as motivated as ever. I hope by joining this forum and reading all your success stories, I might join the club.

    I am a part time humorous writer and have written short stories regarding fishing. It's amazing what you can write about when your not catching anything! LOL. Anyway.................

    It will be nice to meet all of you,

  12. Hi all. Good evening. Sitting hear listening to classical NPR and reading fly fishing posts. Finally... a fly fishing forum site with significant traffic. Can't comment on the quality of traffic but, since I just started fly fishing in June what the hell do I know about quality anyway. Glad to be here.
  13. Hello from a Duluth, MN steelheader!!!

    I bumped into your site doing research for timing a trip to see my Mom in Seattle to make sure I get a little time on the water (she moved out west from MN a couple years ago). Fantastic site!!! Great info and a lot of traffic which keeps things interesting. I wish we had something like that for the Lake Superior tribs. Well, no, I don't. None of the little streams around here need any more publicity than they already get. A dozen guys on most of the north shore streams are a crowd. Most if my time from late September through November is spent chasing Brule River steelhead. The river is gorgeous and the fish are a challenge. Spring sends me up Lake Superiors North Shore in search of the spring run fish that enter the streams in early April through late May. Lake Superior steelhead aren't terribly huge. Fish in the low 30 inch class are the big ones while most fish we get are 24"-28". They are a tremendous battle though. Beats the snot out of the local favorite walleyes that fight like a wet boot.

    Anyway, happy to have found the site. Thanks for opening it up to those of us DREAMING of NW steel!!!

    aka - esoxesox
  14. I joined the board recently. I've been fly fishing for about 25 years now. I got the fly fishing bug after fishing the Klamath in California for steelhead with a neighbor. We used Silver Hiltons on a spinning rod with bubbles. I actually started tying flies before I ever picked up a fly rod. I finally built a fly rod and haven't looked back since.
  15. Hello,
    I am new to this site and new to fly fishing. I am a native West Seattleite and have been fishing in the Seattle area all my life but mainly for salmon in the sound. I then got into spin casting for salmon awhile back. This last fall I tried fly fishing and bought a rod this spring. I took the summer off from work and fished a lot all summer. The snoqualmie, the Stilly, The Sky, the Yak. and some on the Provo in Utah, plus a ton of WA. lakes (though I didn't really care for the lake fishing).
    I went just about anywhere my old car could go. I have read a 3 or 4 books on fly fishing and trying to get the basics down so I can catch more fish. I'm looking forward to using this site as a tool for knowledge and meet some people who are also looking to fish with someone newer. If you'd like to go fishing let me know? I am as I said in West Seattle so nothing is convenient, but I don't mind driving.
  16. Experienced fly fisher still learning after well over 50 years of waving the rod. Like to tie, build rods, help teach anything about fly fishing and related subjects, especially to kids. Moving to Spokane in the near future to retire and fish the rest of my life away.
  17. Hello,

    My name is David Thurman. Studying at UW in civil engineering (Juvenile Fish Passage in Culverts). I joined the site to see about when silvers were coming in on the beaches (didnt really happen). I have been spey fishing for about 7-8 years and grew up fishing the Sandy and Deschutes in Oregon. I am enjoying the rivers of this state a lot. I will most likely not post though.

  18. My name is Keven Strehle and I was introduced to this site by a fishin buddy of mine and it is a tremendous resource. Kudo's to the administrators!
    I produce a TV show called NW Backroads and during the last six years I have tried to get as much of your passion on the air. It doesn't hurt that I am a die hard fly-fisherman. If you know of great fishing stories, or of great personalities that would make compelling TV, please doen't hesitate to pitch it. I would love nothing more than to make the show as much about fishing as I possibly can, but need your help. If you like what we do, let us know and we'll do more.

    Tight lines! Keven
  19. Well, I will tell you all straight up.. I know nothing about fly fishing, except that I want to learn how to do it. I live in Seattle and want something to do that will get me out on the rivers and wilderness in general. I got my first copy of Northwest Fly Fishing magazine and a pamphlet on the basic how to's on the sport in the mail today.

    I don't even own a rod yet, but I am going to get one and start practicing my casting. I am self employed and have time I can take to learn how to fly fish and travel to fishing spots here locally and further off in Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.

    I have been an outdoors sportsman most my life. Hunting Elk, bow hunting mule deer, hunting chuckar, even trapped bobcat and coyote for a few years in northern Nevada back in the 1980's. Never fly fished though.

    This is a great site, I can tell that already from the short time I have visited. Looking forward to learning from you all. I might even keep you posted on my progress, or lack of it, lol!
  20. Hello all,

    My name is Chris Sergeant, and I am excited to start utilizing the wealth of information on this site. I live in the grand old neighborhood of Ballard, which is a great place, but most days I daydream about being somewhere east of the mountains.

    I grew up in south King County and have fished my entire life, but only took up flyfishing about 3 years ago. I am a total hacker. But I do enjoy sitting next to a river or floating on lakes while flogging away, and am currently interested in improving my knowledge of:

    - The Yakima River
    - Trout in small Columbia Basin creeks (NOT Rocky Ford)
    - Carp on flats
    - Sea-run cutthroats

    I look forward to future conversations with some of you!

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