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  1. Hi there, A good friend from the islands turned me on to this forum so, I thought I would check it out.
    I grew up in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho (Sturgeon territory) and the snake was my back yard. Started fishing very young and never out grew it.
    I am FF all the way and guide on occassion. Play Rock and Roll on the weekends. Life doesn't get any better.
    Word of warning, I am a walking billboard for Orvis, but I am also a freak for McFarland Glass and Oyster Bamboo.:thumb:
  2. Good day all! :)

    My name is Rick Baerg and I am from Chilliwack, BC Canada, which is only three hours from Seattle! I am new to this board and enjoying it very much. I am a full time fishing guide in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley and have been doing it for the last eight years. I have been fishing since I was a little boy and have lived and fished in several different areas in BC, Terrace; on the banks of the Skeena and it's tribs, Williams Lake; Caribou/Chilcotin stillwaters and river and down here on the mainland. I have been fly fishing and tying since I was twelve years old and started Spey casting in 1996, boy time fly's. I haven't done much steelheading in your neck of the woods but I have fish some of your stillwaters quite a bit, Pass and Phazon lakes. Looking forward to fishing some of your steelhead rivers this year as I have the disease, steelhead itis, unfortunately I am addicted! :beer2:
  3. Hi all!;) Word of mouth travels fast! Was told about this site through my friend Rick (above), and having fun being here as well.:) Been fishing forever, for anything that swims, (especially steelies) but have concentrated on chucking feathers for about 10 years on both BC's mainland and interior stillwaters and flows. Did a little trout fishing down your way for the first time this summer, and had a great time. Now I'll be looking to make more visits your way. Great Site!

  4. Hi, I am new to the site as well. I grew up in South Sound fishing for SRC and salmon then spent some time over in Pullman where I learned about steelhead.

    Most of my fishing was done on the Grande Rhonde and the snake. While in Pullman I got the fly fishing bug from a friend who is a fanatic about the sport.

    For the past several years I have been out of action with the kids but am starting to get back into shape and have even been out for chumm and SRC.

    I look forward to learning from the resident experts and maybe being able to contribute now and again.

    Great site!

  5. My name is Chris I really did not like fishing at all but, I was at sportsman show last year, and saw this guy with a fly rod casting out into a man made pond. He ask if I wanted to try so I picked up this fly rod he showed me the cast. and well I got into it. I am now $2000 into my new sport. This year I have landed 30 kings 12 steelheads cant wait for next years fish run !!!!!!

  6. Glad to hear you aren't taking this addiction seriously:rofl: :thumb:
  7. Hi everyone. :)

    I Stumbled Upon (Firefox thing) this site a few months ago or so and have been checking the gallery often ever since. I really enjoy looking at the photos and videos. It's great that there are new photos almost every day.

    I have been on the Utah on the Fly forum for several years. It is also a vBulletin forum. The gallery there isn't very active because you have to be a paying member to be able to upload photos.

    I have lived in Salt Lake for about 9 years. I moved from San Antonio.

    I am an avid golfer. During the long golf season here, I am almost always playing in a tournament on Saturdays and I play twice a week in men's leagues.

    I am also a snowboarder. This will be my 4th or so season. I recently bought a Burton Malolo board to ride the powder easier. I was using a Burton Custom for a few years (probably should sell it now hehe).

    I have also been fly fishing for several years. The fly fishing is good here, but probably not all good as in WA. There are only a few rivers nearby and none are large. Unfortunately, the Green is 3 1/2 hours away. Now that is a river. I have only been once. I do enjoy fishing small streams too, though, and there are a fair number of them around. During the summer, I like to take the little pontoon boat out and fish a few lakes.

    I wrote the software and run My Golf Domain.com (www.mygolfdomain.com). It's a golf website that features a game tracker that I wrote and other things such as the forums, gallery, arcade, etc. The website was mentioned on BBC after Tiger Woods teed off in final round of The Open Championship (British Open) and again on ESPN and Sky Sports during the FUNAI tournament in Florida. I have a fishing forum and there are golf/fishing/snowboarding photos in the gallery (Photos link).

    Keep the photos and videos coming in! The water is always better on the other side. It's nice to be able to look even though I am not in WA.

    - Jim
  8. :beer2: Hi, my name is Travis. I currently live in Boise (going on 7 years now), but I am originally from Davenport, WA. Grew up fishing the rivers and lakes in Eastern Washington. To this day I consider Lake Roosevelt my home fishery. I am pretty new to fly fishing so I look forward to the information that the forums and pics on this site provide.
  9. :eek: Holly molly, with all the money you spent it's time for photos, right?

  10. Some photos of mine from Salt Lake are on the way. :)

    Didn't know that the Great Salt Lake had trout, did ya? ;)
  11. I uploaded some photos to the gallery. :thumb:

    My gear:

    G Loomis GLX Streamdance 9' 5 weight (yeah, buddy)
    Ross Evolution 2 (kinda liked my Lamson better)
    Hodgman Guide waders (work great...had for several years)
    SIMMS Aquastealth boots (very nice and had for years, but need a size up hehe)

    I just bought a Pentax W20 "waterproof" camera. I had a Canon S40, but it finally gave out...got wet years ago when playing golf believe it or not hehe.

    I'll upload more photos.
  12. Found this site while planning my next Alaska trip. I live in the upper midwest, Duluth, MN. Good fishing but short seasons.

    I'm looking at the Naknek River Camp one mile below Lake Naknek for next summer. The rainbows are HUGH so they say. Anyone been there or heard anything of this camp?

    Thanks Asteelie
  13. Hello everyone,

    I just moved to Washington last week (from Southern California). I need some suggestions on where to go. I went to Creekside and picked up the Central Cascades Fishing Guide book but need some "real world" advice on where the good spots are. Not knowing the area, reading the book is a little Greek.

    I'm new to the sport so I'm not ready for the half day excursions yet. I'd like to find a nice spot or two within 15 miles of the house for starters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll try not to bug you with all the rookie questions. I need HELP :beathead: Look forward to hearing from all of you.

  14. Like most of the people posting on this thread I am new to this site. I am a native to the northwest. I've been fishing most of my life, but started flyfishing when I was 16 with my dad. For the most part it was just a side hobby to hiking and climbing so I spent my most my fishing days in the alpine lakes and the occasional chum trip. In the mid 90's some friends at work taught me to fish for big trout. We spent lots of time fishing Eastern Washington and on costal rivers. They even took me on a couple trips to Montana fishing for Big browns. These guys were excellent fisherman and fun to be around I learned a lot. In recent years I've returned to spending most of my free time in the mountains, but I still like to take my flyrod whenever there may be a high lake along the way, when my parents invite me on a club trip, we go on a family vacation or head to Eastern Washington to visit the in-law.

    In the last couple month I've started to get the urge to do some serious fishing again, but don't tell my wife she thinks I have too many hobbies already.
  15. Just wanted to Introduce myself. I really have enjoyed this site and have found it to be a great resource for informaton and opinions from more experienced casters. I'm kinda new to the area so if you have any tips for an import, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks. :beer2:
  16. Howdy all - I'm currently in Utah on a working ski detour. I've lived in WA most my life, and look forward to coming back in early '07, hopefully in time to partake of the early lake fishery. Once those bad boys get too warm, you'll (hopefully NOT!) find me prowling headwaters for wild trout until the Yak drops. I'm also a sometimes steelhead and beach sampler, but trout "and the environs where they are found" are where my heart is.
    Many Reel Screams :beer2:
  17. Hey everyone....I just happened to come across this site while doing some research on flyfishing in the Seattle, area. I recently moved here from Connecticut where I grew up on the Farmington River (a pretty good-very overcrowded little tailwater in NW CT) but I also lived in Montana for 6 years and had the opportunity to fish the Missoula area extensively. I am most certainly a trout junkie first and I was a bit disappointed in the lack of local trout streams but I recently aquired some steelhead gear and I am looking forward to giving that a go this winter (I will report back when I hook and land my first steelhead so I figure you can expect that post in about 3 to 4 years..). Besides that, I am looking forward to exploring some of the small streams of the Cascades and Olympic mountains with the occasional trip over to the Yakima, etc. In any case, this seems like a great site and I look forward to learning alot from you all over the coming months!!
  18. Howdy out there....

    Great site, anything like this i can get my hands on is a plus. I am becoming increasingly addicted to fly fishing and love to learn more

    I live in Spokane and love to fish the St Joe, N Fork of the Clearwater and CDA, Grande Ronde for Steelhead, Amber Lake, and since i live 3 minutes away from some great urban fly fishing...the Spokane River

    Each year I am trying to add a few more rivers to my list. Previously have fished the Missouri out of Craig, The Elk, The Bitteroot, Beaverhead, and a couple of others. I think this year I am going to have to try the Yak.

    If anyone is in the area and looking for someone to go with....give me a shout

  19. Hello, looking foward to chating with you.I have been flyfishing@tying for close to 20 years.I am mostly a loner on the water and like it that way.So the privlage to talk with you all sounds great to me.thnk you

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