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Discussion in 'Salmonfly.net' started by Burkemeister, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Welcome to the new Discussion Forum for Salmonfly.net. Salmonfly.net is a web site that was originally designed as an instruction page for tying Pacific Salmon and Steelhead flies, but over the past few years it has taken on many different forms. It has become a site for other tyers to share their patterns, some of them new, others traditional. Some have proven success records, others are there for you to try. When it was first conceived, Salmonfly.net was not intended to show traditional full-dressed Atlantic Salmon flies, but it has become a place for those as well. Whatever the case, it is a shared format. I hope that you take the time to visit and also hope that you can use this forum a constructive tool for new ideas, and questions about tying and fly fishing that we can help each other with. Nothing is cut and dry with Salmon and Steelhead fly fishing, except the excitement you feel when you are playing a huge fish on a fly rod and the satisfaction that you feel when you have landed one of those monsters on a fly of your own creation.

    Steve Burke
  2. this is awesome i have been flyfishing in washington for about ten years and really dont have any fishing buddies but my wife who also loves fishing .i tie all my own stuff and also do design and custom flies as well as presentation flies for gifts and really would like to meet fellow flyfishers that have the same passion for this life that i do i cant stand harvest mentallities which still seems to prevail unfortunately in the sport of fishing in general i like talking anything flyfishing or fishing related in general look forward to hearing from flyfishing bretheren good day and good fishing:thumb
    my address is jphflyfisher@aol.com
  3. Thanks for visiting. This would be a great forum for you to share some of your patterns if ever you get the incliniation. Where do you fish?

    Steve Burke
  4. I've lurked for quite awhile. Mostly over on WFF. I've looked at your site, and posted on the old board quite awhile ago.

    I tie flies on the side for a clientele. Not a top notch tyer, but I do ok (been told I'm good, but I've seen some of the other guys out there and look in "awe"). Been flyfishing and tying for about 20+ years (since I was about 12 years old). I don't tie full dressed salmon flies, I try, but I'm self taught and never was exposed to these style flies until I fished the UK back in late 80's. I've made attempts, but too busy tying flies to experiment. Eventually I'll sit down and get it down.
  5. :smokin Hi, my name is mark j. romero and i have been enjoying your site for quite a while now. I started fly fishing with my wife on her birthday in 1989. She is now the captain of the Japanese National Fly Fishing Team and competes in the World Championships each year. And she is the president of World Fly Fishing of Japan. A club she formed a few years back to cull team members from, so to speak. We are both members of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild and i am the "keeper" so, the clubs fly collection is housed in my gallery, JazzMarkGallery. It's a fly gallery, and there is quite a collection there of my flies, and many many flies from all over the world and this country tyed by countless tyers i've met and became friends with. I have a new web-site which is still under construction, the url is www.JazzMarkGallery.com and i hope you visit. We live in Roscoe, N.Y. (Trout Town U.S.A.) and in Manhattan and invite all to visit us in Roscoe. 607-498-9944 or 212-628-7818. I've been tying for 10 years and i tye a lot in public and Salmon and Steelhead flies are my passion. I'll soon have many more flies up on my site if my webmaster ever gets off the river. He's a pal and does it for free, so who am i to fret. Good luck with all your endevors. m.j.romero (willowhead)
  6. Hi Mr. Burke, i finally got it half way figured out and got officially registered. Been enjoying your site for months and never realized you had such a nice forum. The flies, the flies, they had me so enraptured that i was spending all my time with them. Thankx for all your doing to provide what the internet should be all about. It's a GREAT site. m.j.romero (willow)
    Mark J. Romero
    JazzMark Gallery
    M&M Fly Fishing
    94 Yorktown Road
    Roscoe, N.Y. 12776-5017
  7. Mark,

    Thanks for your kind remarks and encouragement. I envy you though. I grew up in upstate New York and spent a good part of my boyhood fly fishing the rivers of the Catskills (the Beaverkill too). I really miss those days and hope to get back that way some day. It's beautiful country with beautiful rivers. There are many days that I think about the thrill I had when my first brown trout was taken on a dry fly I concocted myself.

    Good luck on your website and thanks for the generous invite.

    Steve Burke
  8. Hi Mark,

    I replied to your last post, but I'm glad to see that your website is up. Looks great! Funny that you grew up on the west coast and got transplanted to the east coast. I grew up on the east coast and got transplanted to the west coast. You and your wife are invited out to Washington as well.

    Steve Burke
  9. What a shock to be poking around and see one of my mistakes out there for all to see! Dave's Mistake did bring alot of action years ago, I hope that it's still working as well. There's more where that came from.......

    Enjoy tying,

  10. Steve - This is a great site. After being talked into
    putting together a book by some close friends I figure it
    is time for me to come out of hiding. Just this past
    fall I have landed an incredible amount of Steelhead on
    some extremely simple patterns that I created a few years
    ago - the first day I ever tried this pattern I landed
    6 in under 4 hours of fishing. 6 of the fish from this
    year where 20 pounds and up including one that was
    43 1/4" long with a 26 1/2" girth (I didn't get it
    weighed because I'm not about records - fly-fishing
    is an art, not a competition). They were all landed in
    Washington State! I have alway's had this uncanny nack
    to catch a lot of fish. I have 5 fly patterns that I
    stick by and they are all fairly simple to tie - and the
    biggie - they catch fish and not the fisherman. I think
    one of my patterns is going to be in the next issue of
    Fish and Fly magazine and also an upcoming issue of
    Salmon, Trout, Steelheader - I've got some pictures of
    my patterns but don't have a scanner (yet). When I get
    a digital image of them I will pass them on - not to
    mention some pictures of amazing Steelies. My whole
    purpose behind the book is that I truly believe that I
    can teach anyone to successfully hook and land Steelie's.

  11. Clay,

    I wish I had read your post sooner. I've been so caught up in other matters. I hope you will be able to share some of those succesfull Steelhead patterns on Salmonfly.Net. Love to have you as a contributor. Send some of the Steelie pics too!

  12. Steve - I'm just figuring out how to work some of
    these computer apps - I managed to get a picture
    posted on the main forum of WashingtonFlyFishing.com.
    All of my pics are on 35mm format so I still need to
    get them converted onto a CD - hopefully one of these
    days I'll be able to get a good scanner. If you get
    a chance check out the winter edition of Fish&Fly -
    my silly little fly has gotten me into 3 fish over
    40 inches. I've been told that it's not just the fly -
    I'm not so sure about that one - I have tried some
    other patterns in areas where I knew there was fish
    and the only thing they would hit was the little floss
    flies - I think the thing triggers a natural feeding
    response in the fish and imitates shrimp/euphasids and
    even egg/egg skein - just my guess. After making sure
    the thing really works for 3 1/2 years consistently I
    figured it was time to share it - hopefully it will get
    some others into 20 plus pounders - what good is treasure
    if you can't share it. I think there is also a good
    chance they might get produced commercially - I have
    4 other patterns along with the little floss pattern
    that all work really well - The floss pattern has been
    the most effective (Sharp Steelie) - A good friend of
    mine came up with the name for it - I felt kinda
    funny with my name on it.


  13. forum

    i just found this site but have been with wff for over a year. mike w
  14. I also just found this site from WFF, and it looks great!!
  15. Great site. :beer2:
  16. Wow..this is a dead thread...sort of matches my fishing ability.

    Guess I will revive it...

    HOWDY! Been fly fishing for over 35 years and solely for 20 years ..not getting any better thought at catching steelhead or salmon....hence the handel.
  17. Well, I maybe the token Southern California member of this Board..(I live 35 miles NW of Los Angeles "Land of the Lost") but do Steelhead in Northern California from time to time... I've fished In the Northwest a Number of times and really enjoy it when I've been there. I am Mainly a saltwater Flyfisher and my annual trips to BAJA are always some of my best trips... I'll throw flies to about any fish that will eat them....
    I like this site and Board.. I have some Steelhead/Salmon flies I'd like to contribute to your site.. will get around to it soon....

    Thanks to the site and members for making me feel very welcomed....:thumb:

    DEAN ~~~
  18. I learned to fly fish in Washington.
    Then I went to AK. More great fishhing.
    Now I'm in Alabama. fly fishing down here will catch you some attention. They stare at you like a bug in a jar.
    I miss the fishing in the Pacific NW. Somewhere close by to fish every day. I've even caught Rainbow in Lake Washington and Sammamish
    Of all the lakes I fished, Jameson was the most fun. Snoqualimie River the easiest and most comfortable and very productive.
    The River alongside 97 going toward Yakima is the one I missed. I always wanted to fish my way down that stream, but never ever had the opportunity.
    Chopaka the hardest to get to.
    Rattlesnake, near North Bend was so weird. The water was so clear, but still I couldn't see the fish. But the catching was great the year they opened it.
    You guys are lucky! Take advantage of it as often as possible. Get off your ass and go fishing. Take a kid with you! That way we'll have posts like this in the future.
  19. Unlike many of the others who posted, I found WFF through Salmonfly.net. It still took me from before Christmas til now to find this forum. Glad I did.

    Clifford J Carstens. ( Cliff)

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