Well, crap.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dennis Thomas, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. The wife informed me the other day that she was off to Portland for a wedding and that she would be gone for a few days. Shucks, a weekend with no honey do's. Immediately set my plans for a long weekend at some little camping spot up on the north fork of the Clearwater. Packed up everything last night and got up this morning to one giant thunderstorm. Weather forecasts say thunderstorms with lightning until Sunday all around, including my fishing spot. Want to go but don't enjoy standing in river during a driving rain with a lightning rod in my hand. Might have to resort to some photography in the woods.
  2. Dennis, I think that's what hit us on Tuesday night. It was a "shower" that got stuck on top of our area for the entire night.
  3. Nice and sunny here in Seattle! Come over to the wet side, I'm sure the small streams will be great this weekend.
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  4. Just enough wind and weather in NW Montana today to screw up any fishing plans I had....but.....no complaints!!! This last week of cooler weather has also cooled down the rivers a bit. It was getting close to "hoot owl restriction" temps with that long heat wave we had.

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  5. What heat. Here in Dillon we have had only two days this summer over 90 degrees. It is usually hot here but for some reason not this year. For the month of August it has been raining for the most of the month so far. Maybe next month will be better all the tourists will be gone.
  6. Been hot up near the big lake. Three weeks strait average 85 or better with very little rain. Water temps on the three rivers I frequent were hovering around 67 in the late evening. I confined my fishing to very early morning. One smaller water I just quit fishing all together as it was just too warm. It's cool again today at 53.

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