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  1. Thought you all would enjoy this one...

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  2. Hey para Adams what montegue do you have?
  3. It was an 8-1/2 foot Rapidan, but I sold it to fund an 8-1/2 foot South Bend. I'm currently working on a remodeling of an 8-1/2 foot Monty into a 7' 10" Monty by cutting off the bottom 8" off the butt section, regluing the reel seat onto the new butt section and replacing all the guides to fit the new length. It still casts a 7 weight really well with lots of punch, but its much lighter in the hand than the 8-1/2 footer was. Ron

  4. Sweet I'm doing the same thing with one of those Japanese rods. I just got done with a rod from the 1890's cast like a dream. What model is the south bend? I have a south bend to those are sweet rods. I'm just starting my collection I see many more in the near future
  5. Joe, my SB is a 346. While the Monty Rapidan was a 7wt for me, the SB casts a 6wt like a dream and feels much lighter in hand. I was surprised and really pleased when I picked it up. I've also re-wrapped a Phillipson after having it scarfed and re-ferruled by Dennis Stone. I'm really getting into this stuff this year. Hey, if you are interested we are planning a 'boo gathering in April. Check out the thread in the Bamboo section. Ron
  6. Ahhh grasshoppers....you both make me proud! Bamboo rocks!!
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  7. Heck ya it does! now i need my hardy....

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