Wenatchee State Park area?

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  1. My home waters are the systems that drain into lake washington the central puget sound and I haven't done much fishing in eastern washington, other than a couple of days on the Twisp and Methow. I am taking my family camping this weekend to Lake wenatchee state park and I was thinking of taking my sons out to do a little fly fishing somewhere in the area. Looking for some general recommendations, given current conditions, for anything nearby the state park there and not more than an hour or so from Plain washington. Small fish are fine the boys are always just happy to get out.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. We've been having a lot of rain over here this week so I expect the creeks will be high from snowmelt up high and rain in the lower elevations. Also, a lot of the moving water in the area is permanently closed so be sure to consult a map and the regs.

    I think the best bet for the boys will be Fish Lake. It is hard to fish from shore except from the east end and the NE side (very rough access road). However, one of the best ways to fish it is to rent a small boat from The Cove Resort (unless you have your own). My nephews, who were not even avid young anglers, used to love this and begged my sister to go every summer. Another local lake option is a short hike up to Hidden Lake on the south side of Lake Wenatchee. Again, it is difficult to fish from shore but as it is a short hike, you could easily haul in a Kmart raft to float and fish from.

    Have a blast! Also, bring lots of mosquito protection as I have heard they are out early this season.
  3. Lots of Skinny water in the area, but a lot of it is closed. It's a shame because the waters that are closed used to have some nice fish in them. I know as I have fished them before they got closed down.
  4. i went up to hidden lake about 4 weeks ago... tree's down on the road in add about a mile each way to the hike, lots of trees down on the trail would make the hike pretty difficult with a raft. I did alright fishing the east end of the lake (shallow end) with a green wolley bugger catching smaller EBT's. The girlfriend was using a spinning rod and caught more snagged gear on the bottom then she did fish. It seems the lake gets heavy pressure in the summer.

    I would maybe try the upper icicle if they can fly fish? I think its opened?
  5. Zen Lines,
    The icicle is indeed open probably high and clear, the upper part of Nason creek at smithbrook is open waters above smithbrook could be an option small cutties, if the water is high it would probably be tough with some of the brush, and probably a lot of pesky mosquitos.
    Kelly Michelsen
  6. Fish Lake...some beautys usually in there.
  7. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. We are headed there now.
  8. To Fish Lake possibly, after seeing the poacher thread, I'm thinking it's a good place to fish.
  9. Wrong Fish Lake, Ira. The poaching was in Okanogan County near Conconully.
  10. Then that fish lake. Bummer, those were some nice fish.
  11. Any word on how the smaller rivers around wenatchee fished? Getting off work now heading home to get the dog and heading to the cabin for the weekend. I'm about 2 miles from fish lake on the wenatchee river
  12. Selvar,
    you could try Nason ck. Above Smithbrook, or maybe the Icicle
    It may be down enough to fish, check the regs their are a lot of closed waters in the area.
    Kelly Michelsen
  13. Lots of skeeters up in there.
  14. Good Huckleberry hunting 'round there. People drive right by them like they dont know what they are.
  15. Tried hitting the little wenatchee this morning, the have the road closed just past the sand and gravel pit. Still hasn't been cleaned up from the snow storm this winter. I doubt it will open this year, and it would be loooong walk to legal fishing (above the 6700 bridge) I bet it will provide for some good fishing in the years to come. Although I didn't get a chance to fish I did do some bear scouting, saw 2. This years bear season looks promising. Off to try the upper icicle now
  16. Selvar, I hope you had fun but mostly I hope you are safe. It's been thundering and pouring on and off all day at my house and I just got an emergency alert on my phone warning of flash floods on the upper Icicle and tribs. I thought of your post this morning saying you were headed up there and I hope all is well.
  17. Yeah I got out of there when that came along... I fished from 10ish to about 12. Caught probably 12-15 smaller bows. All in the 6-10 inch range, great coloring though, I have pictures to post later
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  18. Regarding the road up the Little Wenatchee, they're putting a imber sale together to clean the road and rest of that area up and my understanding is they're hoping for the end of July. We'll see.

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