Went Fishing today.

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  1. Well I finally made it out to do a little fishing today. When I left to go it was nice out but it didn't stay that way. The sun was shining and it was half way warm out. By the time I got to where I was going the wind came up and the clouds rolled in. But it didn't stop me. I went to Big Sheep Creek. I think that I will name it big Fish Creek. I caught three fish in a short while. The first one was a 14"RB, the second was one a little smaller. The third one never got to see it. It played around on the bottom and ended up breaking my 4x. I would of liked to have seen that fish.

    I had all my hits and fish on a Red Copper John. The big fish got my last one so I bagged it. Need to go get some more.

    I should of added that I was using a GL2 7'6" 4wt With a Allen Trout II Reel. I think it was that one.

    I was surprised to how low the water was. It was at the same height when I fished it last October. The fish are there and they are bigger this year. I took a few pictures of the water. To fumble fingered to try to take pictures of fish.

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  2. Nice report Jim.
  3. Too bad it was your last red Copper John. At least you caught some fish!
  4. Sweeet!

    And I'm jealous!

    I need to get over this dag-nabbed cold I've been suffering from the last few days and get out on the water!!
  5. Thanks for the report Old Man. That's a nice looking little pool there.

  6. Good for you for getting out and, catching!

  7. Nice job Jim!!!
  8. Nice Jim, glad you got out there and found some willing players.
  9. Glad you still remember how to catch fish;) Red copper johns come through for me sometimes when the freestones are running slightly off color.
  10. Montana always seems to deliver
  11. Wow...and not a useless fishing report...oh wait...yeah it is because your in Montana not Washington...useless to most of us :p.

    Nice job any ways :)
  12. Nice work! Did you catch them on a dead drift or were you stripping it in.... ?
  13. Nice looking water! Good for you.
  14. Thanks for the photos, Jim. Recalled a lot of memories of good times in that country.
  15. Have you ever tried Pettengill Creek?????
  16. Nice report Jim. I came through your area last week heading back to Polson. The B looks like it's shaping up nice. Everything up NW still needs a couple weeks to calm down a bit. I was going to swing down to the root for a looksee but ran out of time.
  17. I think that this little creek has me spoiled. It's loaded with fish of all sizes. I just wish I could of seen the one that broke me off. It really put a bend in my 4wt.
  18. Nice that you got out Jim. The big ones don't always get away. Go get Walter!
  19. Well the rivers are dropping into shape early. There is not much water running down hills at this time. Last year was a different story. It took a while for the rivers to fall into shape.

    But now instead of lots of snow to melt, we have been getting lots of rain. At least I don't have to spend money on watering the yard, Mother Nature is doing that for me. Plus it snowed last night up on Lost Trail Pass. It's not very high. It only sits at 7000'
  20. Not that I can recall, Jim. Not sure where that creek is at.

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