went slimin today

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  1. Wasnt red hot but still.had fun floating with thomas.

    Pink clousers and black and blue hobo speys
    Nice meeting u today as well gabe

    Glad the seahawks one too but my decision to fish insyead of watch the game was a much better one
  2. Skyler Evans

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    Good choice!
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  4. gabe0430

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  5. Let me see what the wife and kiddo have planned
  6. gabe0430

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  7. first day i bought it 2 chromers in 30 mins
  8. Danielocean

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    I do want his hat. There is a chance he may has pissed on it.
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  9. Patrick Allen

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    Any day floating is a cool day. Unless of course it's pissing rain and you forgot your rain gear.
  10. That could be a royal pain