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  2. Some former avid angler guys...they all good! MHO
  3. Nice addition to W Seattle.
    Dave is a quality guy. He reignited my love of small stream fishing thru his seminars at various fly fish shows.
    See my avatar for a small cuttie caught from a small stream.
  4. Excited to see this shop open up. Dave seems like a great guy.
  5. Ryan Davis is one good guy! I've had dealings with him in the past, and he is one real person. He once held a free casting clinic at the U-District's Cowan Park. He only asked donations for a charity. A real class act gentleman. I highly recommend that people support him.
  6. That's right by the Southworth /vashon ferry right?
  7. Golfman44,

    It is a great spot for the shop, right near busy part so lots of traffic to see them. Also great food and couple beer places stone throw away.

    5-10 minutes from Lincoln park.

    Great to have something in that area
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  8. Sweet. Need a spot to kill time waiting on that ferry
  9. Over West Seattle Bridge, go thru 35th, stay on Fauntleroy, take second right ( which will be Oregon Street) follow to California Ave. After buying whole bunch of stuff, Take California to Fauntleroy, take right to ferry!

    You have it easy, Wish I could get there but leave this Friday for Indiana. When I come back for a trip I will have to stop by and check it out.
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  10. So….Emerald Waters Anglers has been open a couple few weeks now. I made it in earlier this week after work. I did two circuits of the space before I realized that, as of now, it's not really a fly shop. I say that because fly shops usually sell flies. Now, I don't buy many flies anymore, but I do buy tying materials, so I was looking for those. I wanted to pick up some moose hair. They don't have any tying materials. I did see some leaders and tippet. Other than that, it's pretty much a lot of really nice Patagonia clothes. The two staff were super nice and I enjoyed shooting the bull with them, but as of now, I doubt I will stop in very often, since shooting the bull is really the ONLY reason I would go in. I don't buy clothes or rods very often and don't book guided trips in Washington.

    Emerald Waters Anglers: if you're out there, please hear me--I will spend my money in your store! But you don't have anything I want to buy! I wish you success and really really hope you expand your retail selections; you certainly have room for it!


    edit 8/13/14: Apparently they sell flies and I'm an idiot. I do hope they get materials soon.
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  11. My experience was the same as Matt's. Had been meaning to pop in,and I needed some chenille. Great rod selection, but I don't have a need for any more rods. I do need chenille, hooks, hair etc.
  12. Matt,

    In no way do i mean any disrespect but I have to point out that you must have missed the rather LARGE case in the middle of the shop floor. The case that from what I see has more flies in it than any shop in the Seattle area and possibly elsewhere however, I see the point about the tying materials and I cant argue that fact one bit with you.

    To everyone else, if you are looking to get on the water with the most knowledgeable and friendly guides I have met in my life you will not be disappointed with EWA. I am in no way affiliated with these guys but in the few experiences I have had with them I can tell you that Seattle is lucky to have a place like this open up as well as Dave Mccoy is one of the nicest guys I have ever met period. If you haven't checked this place out yet make the trip, you wont be disappointed.

  13. Hey no disrespect taken. Thanks for the correction. I leaned on the case chatting and didn't realize it had flies in it I guess. Guess that explains the flies on the outside. Duh. I still hope they get tying materials. They have room. I had a good conversation and it was a nice shop.
  14. This kind of friendly exchange shall not be tolerated!!
  15. It ain't easy to open a fly shop unless you're sitting on a few hundred K,... in dollars. Take it from me because I know. If EWA gets a chance they'll be able to offer more products...everything costs money and if they don't sell what they stock they'll have a hard time offering new products...!

    Support them if you think you like having a flyshop in that vicinity. If you don't it won't be there long.

  16. It aint easy going in to a fly shop as a patron unless you have a few hundred in your pocket either :p Take it from me, just keep eyeing that scott radian every time...;)
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  17. I dropped in when my kids were at summer camp across the street . Abbey and Reid were great. Didn't have a need for anything but bought some leader materials. Great looking shop with a lot of flies and a lot of other stuff tastefully presented. Give them a visit...their having a grand opening sale next week....
  18. Haven't been into the shop yet, but I did a guided wade trip with Abby. Granted she is the girlfriend of one of my campers from back in the day when I was a camp counselor, but that aside she was a great guide, has a great passion for fly fishing and taught me a lot. I live in West Seattle, and this is going to spell trouble for my wallet. However I do know a good amount of blood, sweat, and tears went into that store so I know I'll be dropping some coin there to support the locals! Also Abby is working on setting up some women focused courses and trips so send your lady friends her way (or if your a lady head in there and ask for Abby)!
  19. I was in the store this afternoon and saw a few things I'll be getting for an upcoming trip to Florida. I hope they do well.
  20. In my chat with the clerk there (didn't get his name), they said they went "back and forth" on the tying materials question, but decided against it due to minimal sales floor area, and the inventory/accounting headache.

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