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  1. I haven’t really fished for bass since I moved here from the mid-west 17 years ago. Being that I recently moved to the south sound area, I decided to try something a little different.

  2. nice one!
  3. noice work. were u in the 15-20 foot depth or have they started congregating in the shallows. my local lake there still a lil deep

    The majority of the fish (bass) that I observed, along with a few others that I caught, were fairly close to shore (maybe 6 – 10 feet), and were hiding in structure (trees, etc.) in water that was in the 2 – 4 foot depth range. The fish in the picture was swimming near the perimeter of a shore side weed bed, and was about 10 feet from the shore in approximately 5 feet of water. It took a lightly weighted red bunny leech that was 3 inches and length, which I presented using a very slow retrieve.


  5. Nice bass! South Sound lakes have pretty good LMB fishing. I know of a couple lakes where 8+pounders have been caught. Funny thing, I lived in the Midwest for a short time many years back and got hooked on fishing for LMB. I swear every farmer in Missouri has a bass pond on their property.
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  6. in san diego there was bass ponds everywhere and little irrigation canals with some hogs
  7. Oh yeah, SoCal has some fatties all over the place. I still haven't been able to fish their famous ones, Dixon, Castaic and Casitas. They got hogs in there 20+ lbs!!! Unreal
  8. Dixon is awesome, also unreal trout fishing during the winter. Never fished the other two c's tho

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