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  1. How many on the forum have or plan to donate money to WRC? They have been a non-profit business since 1988 and have acquired quite a portfolio of riparian land. From what I have gathered, nearly all of the land has been made available for public use, to include fishing where allowed by state fisheries. The Public trust Doctrine and our right to access navigable waters has always been an important issue for me.

    My wife and I are considering some additional non-profit organizations to help and WRC has always been high on my list. They certainly seem consistent in their mission statement and appear to be a good place for those of us who love our nations rivers, their inhabitants, and our access to them, to lend support.

    I'm not sure what legal, binding provisions are in WRC's by-laws that assures all acquired lands remain open to public use -- it is definitely something I plan to check on with them. I like the idea of helping protect our nations rivers in a manner that assures future generations are able to enjoy them like many of us have... because, if we do come back in another life, there's some waters that have had my number and I'll want another shot ;).
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  2. I used to donate to them. If you are open to your dollars spread thinly across a very large footprint, I think they have the right intentions. In my opinion, the WRC has dropped the ball on WA acquisition as they expanded their footprint to cover MT and CO. Sad to see given how they did have much greater focus in the past on WA with projects on the Hoh and other major watersheds.

    If you were to ask them what are the next projects they have slated for WA, my sense is that they really don't have much of a plan. WIth all of the urbanization pressure we have on major Puget Sound rivers, it would be great to see them focus on one as much as they have on the Sandy.
  3. It's worth remembering that the organization's name is Western Rivers Conservancy, not Washington Rivers Conservancy. Their mission is to help preserve rivers beyond just those that are near and dear to Puget Sound residents. Sure, many of our local rivers are in dire condition and could use their help. But why should they focus exclusively on them to the detriment of other, equally deserving projects?

    WRC is based in Portland OR, so the Sandy River project was not only in their backyard and thus an opportunity to build their local profile, but it was one of the first dam removals in the west, providing an additional news 'hook' to build awareness of the organization and thus help drive contributions.

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  4. I have been a member and contributor for the past few years and I strongly believe in their mission and results!

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