Wetside trout bum = no respect

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Paul_, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. When most of your friends and coworkers are salmon fisherman and big game hunters, being a lowly trout bum on the west side gets no respect.
    I've had a few good trips over the last month. I landed a deep bodied 22" brown. When I showed a picture of it to one of my buddies, his reply was-
    "hmm, is that a gold fish? I guess that is a nice fish. Here is a picture of my Sonny and Crockett 6 x 7 non typical bla bla bla bull elk I shot with my bow at 20 yards."
    On another trip I had an epic day fishing for wild coastal cutthroat and bows up to 17". When I showed a few pictures from the day to a coworker, his reply was-
    "wow those look just like the bait I use. Here's a picture of a 45 pound upriver bright chinook I caught."
    Last week a friend told me he was limiting out on coho and chinook hovering eggs on the Columbia and invited me to go. I only had one day I could go fishing that week. So I could either go chase cutts or go salmon fishing. Well that was an easy decision, with easy limits of chinook and coho a sure bet.
    I had a great day fishing for 14" cutthroat!
    Here's a few pictures I know you guys will appreciate more than my friends
    A well chewed fly-
    Coastal Cutthroat-
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  2. Paul,
    All (most?) of us here know that bigger isn't necessarily better, at least when it's about the fish/species we prefer to pursue.

    Welcome to the world of wisdom and enlightenment.
  3. Everybody around here are either into walleye or bass. As a trout bum I get no respect. The few guys I know who chase trout use downriggers and tons of other junk. They don't understand my disdain for their tactics.
    Nice brown, by the way! Great colors on that beauty!
  4. Yeah, ya just got to play to the right audience!!! ;)
  5. I am a trout bum but I also like to catch other fish too mostly by fly but will throw gear. those are nice fish so I am with ya. you need too find different friends who fish like you do. just sayin.
  6. They are just envious and have to come up with a "one better than you" unrelated to quality fish on a fly cause they can't do it.....

    There is nothing wrong with small cutties from a mountain pond.

    Some people don't, and will never, understand quality versus quantity.

    BTW - Nice fish!

  7. Exactly they are the ones who have the biggest most expensive lifted trucks. Doesn't mean they still can't be your friends though. Most of my friends are not fly fishermen and don't understand my love for it. I just went out yesterday to a local river and swung some streamers for trout ended catching a really nice chunky cutthroat . Everyone else there was fishing salmon. Walking out to my truck I told a guy about my cutty he just looked at me like"so". That doesn't bother me though
  8. Trust me, I'm glad they don't get it. If they did, there would be hog lines at my favorite fisheries:)
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  9. Nice fish! 22" Brown, Impressive!! Keep it up and hold your head high. You are not the only one in this same boat. Some folks just don't get it. Yet there are many of us that do....
  10. Ye cast pearls before swine, and expect appreciation?

    I've fished waters loaded with big salmonids and shitloads of fisherman....I'd much prefer the solitude of a mountain lake, where I can enjoy nature....and the beauty of 14" trout.

    Frankly, that shit is the piscatorial equivalent of 'keeping up with the Jones'.
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  11. Good job Paul and nice fish!

    I taught some of my old high school buddies steelhead on the fly before I taught them trout on the fly many moons ago. Then when I would ask, would you like to go to the Deschutes for trout they would laugh at me and ask why! "I ruined them" I have friends that come clear from Idaho and eastern Oregon to fish salmon and steel with me when all I want to do is go they're way and catch trout. I've turned 3 of them to the "TROUT SIDE" and am now working on a 4th.

    A lot of the west side salmon - steelheaders just don't get it and could care less about trout, but by god don't say anything bad about a stupid steelhead that will eat a half a chicken or a plastic orange corky.
    "MATCHING THE HATCH" what the hell does that mean dude!

    I just put my Hover - bobber - and trolling rods away and now have to get ready for tying winter trout flies and planning trout trips for next spring. I like that brown better than all the salmon I've landed the last two and a half months. The problem is, is that there is so little good trout fishing close to the west side.

    Oh, and also working on my cheap-ass, old, lifted, fishing, hunting, rig.
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  12. Nice Brown ! You won't get any respect here on the WFF either. Unless you spey for Steel you ain't DOO DOO here.
  13. There are lots of us who like to fish for whatever is biting. My last two trips have been for cutthroat in fresh water and I haven't been disappointed. Unfortunately I'm a lousy photographer but I spent last Tuesday catching cutts in fresh water and it was one of the most beautiful days on a river I can remember. There's nothing wrong with your choice.
  14. An old rig, filthy and filled with fishing memories, is far more valuable than a $50k ultimate rig that is seldom used for anything but commuting because the owner is too busy working to pay for it, rather than fishing.
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  15. Well said......
  16. Beautiful brown trout.
  17. BE A U T FUL fish!

    Cant agree with you more. Just had it happen to me on the Yak yesterday. Caught my biggest trout ever, my brother was telling some guys about it and they were, well ya..we have caught bigger trout then that and they are here. Not a congrats or good job.

    Driving over my brother was telling us about a friend of his that was just showing pictures of his big fish and everytime my brother would say something, he had to out story tell my brother.

    Hell, I don't care if I am catching 6" fish or got skunked that day, I will still have an awesome story and memories! Some of my best days have been no fish, not a tug, just a beautiful day in the outdoors with true friends


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