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  1. Update: Have 9/10 slots filled. Need ONE more! We can make it 12 teams if we get 3 more so PM me your email ASAP.

    Alright football season kicked off tonight with the HOF game. Regular season starts in just a short month. Last year we did a fantasy football league and it went relatively well.

    Anyways, I'll start one up this year on ESPN. You just need an account which takes a few seconds to make and its free. If you want in leave me your email (you can PM me it if you want) and I'll send out the invites. Ideally we could schedule a draft within the next few weeks.

    Go hawks
  2. "Fantasy Football"---isn't that just another form of masturbation?:)

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  3. Got 4 interested. Bumping to the top
  4. This is a fly fishing forum. Not a football one. This should be NFR
  5. I tried to add the tag but couldn't from my phone - - but I think it's safe to assume that people can infer that from the "fantasy football" title. If a mod cam add it that would be just dandy
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  6. One cautionary tale on Fantasy Football with WFF. I participated in a WFF fantasy football league last season and won. Prize money in theory was cash + flies. Three people failed to pay me or provide flies(including the commissioner). I didn't call them out about it here or on the fantasy football site, didn't chase them like a collection agency (why should I have to?), and didn't ask the WFF moderator who was in the league to intercede on my behalf because it didn't feel right.....but my advice is that if a league is set up, people either just play for fun (no prizes - just heckling rights), or if a choice is made to play for cash or prizes, the league commissioner should be willing to collect all the prizes upfront prior to season start and then the winners won't be stuck with the uncomfortable task of trying to collect.
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  7. I was in that league last yr. I know I paid a few weeks late as I was out if town for a funeral but I'm sorry to hear some still didn't pay you.

    I'm fine playing for free too. With my buddies we just use this 3rd party site that just holds the $ in escrow until the end of the year and it works very well. Plus it gives everyone that peace of mind the commissioner won't rip them off
  8. If I recall, last year was a bit of a cluster. I think I won a few flies but mostly just got what people considered "fair market value" via paypal. Apparently FMV is what you pay at Sportsmans. I remember one participant (who I don't think is here anymore) threw a big fit on the FF bulletin board and here. As such, I believe Scoones or one of the mods requested that the league be dissolved after last season. That was the second season of the league and both had way too much drama.

    If you are set on having a league, I'd recommend a courtesy PM to Chris and the mods to get it cleared first.
  9. I'm not dead set on it at all, just merely throwing out a feeler. I love football and I'm sure a lot of others here do as well. Just thought it would be a cool way to meet new people on here and make other games in the NFL (besides the Hawks) more fun to watch too.

    I do remember that spat last yr. I was getting an email or 2 per day from that guy who was so upset. I just stopped reading them after a while. In general that league last year was doomed. From having to redraft a few times and all the rule disputes/odd scoring... Was never going to be smooth.

    Hopefully, if we get the #s, this yr won't have those issues. I have a yearly league I have been running for a few years with my college buddies and it's been a blast. I do collect the money before draft day using a 3rd party site that holds the $ in escrow and then is distributed to the winner(s) at seasons end ( The last 2 yrs went by without a hiccup. Again, we don't have to play for $. If not everyone is comfortable playing for some jelly beans then individuals can always do side bets with each other if they so desire. I just figured since I'm commishionering (is that a word?) one league, a 2nd league with fisherman would be just as fun and not add much work at all. If it doesn't work out, no sweat.

    Either way it will be a great year. Seahawks have never been this hyped up preseason before.

    The key is to realize fantasy football is supposed to be fun and that is the top priority. I do my best to make it that way.

    PM me if you're interested
  10. I'm in. If we leave flies and money out of it, then there's no pouting after the season ends.
  11. I am game for another league.. ESPN? subtlety1337 at gmail dot com
  12. I'll do it
    hunderachiever at gmail
  13. Sounds good gents. I'll send out the invites when we get just a few more.

    This should be fun
  14. Last year was a cluster. I participated and it was fun until the end. Then as a mod I got called into some real crap and that went poorly for one participant. I like fantasy football. I'm not interested in blurring the lines with WFF. If you need to fill spots, let me know. Prizes or not, but in no way will I assume any role as a mod in the league. One fool really soured my experience, the rest of the members were super solid citizens.

    If you are in and agree to the terms. Someone should get all the prize submissions upfront. No need to delay that part and risk the situations life throws your way later. Don't put off until tomorrow that which you can do today...and retain your integrity.

    Best to it right if it is to be done.
  15. Thanks Ed. I do remember you getting the worst of that one members (won't name him) harsh words. Sorry for that. You are more than welcome to join, I will take 100% responsibility for "running" the league. Your hands will be free of everything as long as you let me draft Marshawn, Russel, and the Seahawks D. As long as you let me do those things, you are good in my book ;) .
  16. Yes sir it is on ESPN.

    Everyone should have an invite by now. Check your junk mail folders in your email
  17. If you didn't get an invite, please let me know
  18. As part of the "cluster" league last year, I also remember the one guy who made a lot of noise. What I will say about him is that while he may have spun out of control on an issue and it seems like Mumbles got stuck doing damage control, that guy actually paid promptly. Character mark in his favor, and in favor of everyone else (like Golfman) who paid as promptly as possible.

    I don't want to seem like sour grapes - I wish everyone best of luck this year and am sure you are going to have a lot of fun with the league if it is set up. I won't be participating, but I'll root for everyone from the sidelines! Best, Brian
  19. No worries Brian, I completely understand.

    If it goes smooth this year you're always welcome back next year.

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