WFF Holiday Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    No gates to crash everyone’s welcome
    Given I just got location, date, and time
    there were a few people I was unclear were committing until they knew
    You are most definitely in and looking forward to your ties! and meeting you in person
  2. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    Given we are swaping one set of five with one person and one set with another we can add as many tyiers as want to come as long as we have an even number
    if we have an odd number I will ties extras so it still works .....
  3. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Are we tying two sets of five different flies, or is each set supposed to be five of the same pattern?
  4. porterHause

    porterHause Just call me Jon

    Damn...Looks like I read this wrong! Rob, I think you're right on the money...
  5. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    Now I'm confused but that's not all that difficult...

    I was planning on tying two sets of five different flies so that someone might find at least one pattern they like.:rolleyes:
  6. Gary Knowels

    Gary Knowels Active Member

    As I understand, we pick 2 patterns and tie a quantity of 5 for each that way when swapped people will get one set 5 of the same thing from 1 member and another set of 5 of a different pattern from another member.

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  7. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    Yes thats correct

    2 sets of 5

    for examples
    5 prince nymphs
    5 faltwing candle fish patterns

    you trade with 2 other tiers and end up with
    5 BWO emergers size 24 tied by Larry
    and 5 spey flies tied by Thomas
  8. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Or 5 piles of fuzz lashed to a hook by Rob :)
  9. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    That is my first pattern. Second is five twirls of fur.
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  10. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    Hmm, this could be fun and I think I'm free. I've never done one of these so this might not be right, but it seems like it would be better to get 5 different patterns from each person for more variety. I suppose it's easier to just tie 5 of the same pattern 2 times though. Dang, my favorite (best producing) flies sure aren't much to look at! No theme? Do they need to be original patterns? Sorry for all the questions.
  11. Pat Lat

    Pat Lat Mad Flyentist

    I second that, I would rather swap and get ten different patterns, but I guess we all can mix and match.
  12. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    not a bad thought
    but if I get a really good pattern I always want a few of them not just one

    super fly.JPG not my patterns
    just an example of what you're tying

    2 groups of 5 is what everyone tying
    I am tying up extras to give to people who might want one
  13. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    Nothing worse than finding a pattern that works and only having one of them.
  14. mtskibum16

    mtskibum16 Active Member

    That's true. I guess my thought was you got one, then went home and copied it :) The way it is setup works just fine though, I was just wondering what was standard since I've never been to one.
  15. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    yes thats why I like 5
    I can fish 4 of them and try to copy the last one
  16. Dec 1 Avid Angler; 1-5 PM. 2 sets of 5 flys; I'm definitely there. And thanks to Ryan and crew for making the venue available.
  17. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Let me confuse you all. Everyone is (don't forget) supposed to tie me (dryflylarry) 2 sets of 5 flies also!!! That way you will be totally covered and insured you did it right! ........... :rolleyes:
  18. Steve Knapp

    Steve Knapp Beach Bum

    Kelvin, I have to back out unfortunately. I have several other conflicts coming, and all on Dec 1st.
    I'll be there next time, thanks for organizing once again ,
  19. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    Larry nice Chum
  20. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    The Avid Angler is as far as I know the first local shop to start carrying the speciality hooks that I'll be using to tie my flies for the swap. Isn't that convenient, you can check out my stillwater patterns and then actually buy the hooks they are tied on. They might also be getting in the specialty tungsten beads I use, two birds one stone.

    If any of the rest of you will have specialty materials, you might want to contact the store and see if they have the materials in case some of us would like to buy from the shop in support of their gracious offer to host the swap.
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