WFF Holiday Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I'm up for it if that twelve spot still open Kelvin.
  2. No worries. Original or not, If the fish don't mind how they look than neither will we.
  3. I'm still juggling schedules right now. I'll come for the comraderie if I can, maybe bring some Orangeradishes, Rob sent me the tying recipe!
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  4. either way I hope you make it Ed
    bring your dubbing brush machine

    Anyone want to do a demo of some flies?
  5. I vote a Double K Reversed Spider demo. :)
  6. I will not make it now, my wife and I will be hosting our annual Fakesgiving day that day. Maybe one of you in the Everett area could take my flies to the swap. I think folks need to see how those hooks work.
  7. If you don't find someone in Everett to pick up your flies, you can mail them to me and I'll make sure that they get there!
  8. done
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  9. you can mail them to me and if I really like them I will fish them and tell everyone ......
  10. We are about a week out
    how is everyones ties going ?
    I am bring some food and hope others will too
    Please come prepared to demo you ties or share anything else you want to.

    I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and many tight lines and bent rods to come
    from monsteriously large fish
    that take epic runs
    and hope you have enough backing when they happen.
  11. I have one set done, the other about halfway.

    See y'all on the 1st.
  12. One set done (trout sized caddis wet). Trying to decide on the second set.
  13. set of trout soft hackles done. 2nd set steelhead?, we'll see what strikes me
  14. Hi Ed,
    What's an Orangeradish?
  15. I may be back in, I'm in a holding pattern now. If I make it I'll have one jig pattern and one chironomid pattern.
  16. I have a set of alpaca streamers tied up and now starting on some soft hackles.

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  17. jump in
  18. P2260573.JPG P2260576.JPG mine are done

    Hair Hackle Nymph
    Double K Reverse Intruder
  19. I just found out that I will have other obligations on that day. I am really bummed as I would have loved to meet you all and see all of the flies that were tied up. I already have my set of flies tied so I will drop them off at the Avid Angler this week. They will all be toe tagged so I hope that they get swapped and someone enjoys them.
  20. Tease. Can't see it.

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