WFF Holiday Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Jeff, helps if I post the photos hun?
    Uploading is hard yall....
  2. Sounds like a good time! I was planning to swing by AA anyway, and just saw this thread. I'll definitely join in for socializing. Would love to meet some new folks.

    If we get a #13 and need a #14, or if someone drops out, I can try to fill in, though I haven't really had a chance to prove my patterns in the salt and on the swing and all I really have are some trout patterns.

    Ira, I work in Everett, so I can try to get your flies and swap them for you. Let me know...

    Anybody up for a bit of fishing beforehand? Maybe a few quick hours?
  3. I am tying trout patterns (they are probably the one type of fish we all fish for). Because they tend to be quicker and less material intense than some of the other styles I am just tying up some extras to make the exchange more even.
  4. I'm tying trout pattern too.

    I'm just tying them on a #1.5 AJ heavy wire spey hook...
  5. Weird one-click duplicate post deleted...

  6. jump in
    we are set for odd or even numbers as i just twisted up another set of five
  7. My two main sets are done, just tying up a few bonus flys. Anyone planning on doing demos? I could demo a simple nymph that is one of my bonus flies.
  8. good plan on that
  9. I'm more than up for demoing as I imagine others will set up as well. I went so far as to make sure that the Avid Angler carried the specialty materials I use to tie one of my patterns.
  10. Ok, count me in then!
  11. I'm still alive here! I have a set of PMD size 20 emergers tied up so far. Not sure just yet about the rest. Either some size 24 Blue Wing Olives, or some simple Popsicle Sticks or a version thereof...hmmmmm. See you all Saturday.
  12. I will bring my mircoscope
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  13. your in!
  14. Ben from the shop has agreed to do a demo of one of his world class Steelhead flies for us
  15. I wish you were more into sinking things, I'd love to trade some of my deep stillwater stuff for some of those.
  16. Batch of seal bugger variants is done, and just gotta whip up a few more of my favorite caddis pattern. Hope it's ok that I'm doing different colors...


  17. I'm still not 100% sure I will be there as I have a new ACR1327 and the river is calling...

    However, my flies will be there for sure. I tied my variation of the McMillan Winter's Hope and another pattern of my own design that I like for low, clear winter days and call simply "Green & Copper".

  18. jackd is looking for a ride from Southworth to the swap
    any one able to support him with a ride ?
  19. Nice ties Thomas, I like the color choices on your green and copper pattern
  20. alright guys, lets save a little mystery for the swap, but yes those are very nice

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