What a weekend... local trout Mecca!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. I'm not gonna say which little blue line, or which fork of the Skykomish it's a tributary of... but holy cow did I catch a lot of trout this weekend! The average size was pretty sweet at about 8", and there were lots of 10-11" fish to keep things interesting. At the end of the day on Saturday I landed a 14" rainbow that put my new 3-weight to the test, and made it an epic battle - then a 13" bow followed that. Today the last two fish were a 14 1/2" westslope cutthroat, then if that wasn't good enough, I got a FAT 15" rainbow - a pig for that water! Here's a few pics.

    If you're going to ask where or something like that let me just beat OMJ to the punch and say, "get a map and follow the little blue lines."



  2. That's a great day! People do a lot worse on the Yakima!!! Hahahaha!
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  3. Indeed. I'm familiar with off days on the Yakima! Even when it's on, even on my best days on the Yak, it's never been the kinda non-stop action that I enjoyed this weekend.
  4. Nice job Jim, what a fatty!
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  5. I've pointed a few people in those directions. Probably a few places that I've been over the years. I've always like to fish up in there. Lots of different Skinny water to explore.
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  6. sweeeeeeet
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  7. Taking a good look at the map right now….
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  8. Awesome post, and some great fish porn.
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  9. Awesome! I had no idea there were westslopes in there!
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  10. You can't ask for more than that from a day on the water........thanks for sharing!
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  11. Looks like I am gonna have to start learning the tribs up there.
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  12. looks like you had some fun out there. Can you tell us all the places of the sky you didn't fish that day?;)
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  13. Some of the tribs have em, some don't. Just a mile upstream it was nothing but rainbows. I was a bit surprised by the big westy, especially a big guy like that.

  14. Well, I'll tell you I was out all weekend, and I didn't fish any of the tributaries except this one in particular. Hope that narrows it down for you! ;)

  15. There are so many, and they are all different. Some stretches have nothing but westslope cutts, other stretches are all rainbows, and some areas I've found are mixed. I have been exploring it for a couple years now and I have somewhere between 1/2 dozen to a dozen spots that are worth driving to. Some of them are extensive enough that a full day could be spent there. There's everything from little cricks to full on river to be fished... and if there's water flowing downhill, there's mostly likely fish.
  16. Interesting I didn't know that there were Westslopes in that river system either....nice! That might get me looking around that area in the future.
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