What did you pay for your FF85 or FF80?

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  1. I've been looking for a small creek steelhead stick made of fiberglass, and like all the cool kids of the 70s I want a fenwick FF85 or FF80. I found a few of these rods on fleebay, but I have a hard time justifying paying what they end up going for. So what did you pay? Anyone know what they went for originally (just out of curiosity)?
  2. I believe my FF857 went for the princely sum of about $20 in 1968
    Compared to about $14 for an Eagle Claw
  3. around $75-$125 depends on the condition, tube, sock etc... I think this is a reasonable range for vintage Fenwick. If you willing to pay higher than that... there will open up more options to the modern fiberglass rods such as Steffen Bro.
  4. Thanks, guys. I just found a guy who was willing to trade me a FF858 that he wasn't using for a graphite stick that would sell for around 100. I really dig these glass rods though. I can't wait to swing up some summers on that thing.
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  5. Cool! I have the FF 858 and really love it. I attached a 6" lower handle to it. It cast skagit head 15' around 320 grain + 7-10' T8, using sustain anchor casting style. Smoooth and a lot of feels to it. Really great to handle lead-eye leech flies.
    The lower handle.
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  6. Just a hedzup. I noticed a near-mint ff857 listed in Seattle craigslist yesterday for $75. Seller claimed it was "never fished."

    Still listed, seller located in Port Orchard.
  7. They were available for $30 - $35 in the Seattle area in the early 1970s. I could see $100 as a reasonable price these days. I can't believe I wrote that!

  8. Still have my FF858, plus a few others. Great rods. $35 sounds about right. Picked mine up from the Pay N Save around 1980 when I finally bought my first rod of my own (and gave my Uncles fenwick back to my Dad). Still have it, with the old USA Pflueger I bought at a garage sale. :) They are fun sticks to play with. Still have a couple 6 (one picked up off the board a year or two ago), one 7, couple 8's, couple 9's, and a couple 10's (one has the original extension butt with it), all vintage Fenwicks. Some I bought new, some I bought used over the years. Great rods, and most who have a chance to swing them, fall in love with them pretty quick.
  9. BTW, around $100 is to be expected, depending on condition, has rod case and sock, etc. But you can find them around $50-75 for just the rod itself in fished but not destroyed shape.
  10. That is what I have found. I'm really looking for a lower handle for the FF858 that I picked up....or a second one with the grip included. I lined that thing with a royal wulff 8wt ambush and it is pretty awesome; tosses spey casts in tight like a champ. Lost a fish on it the other day, and I rolled a fish on the surface with it yesterday....just waiting to put the first one on the bank.
  11. JS. I picked up a FF858 this summer, $60. Now where do we find the handle like Yuhina, and do we have to use a hack saw to install it?
  12. Not sure, Jeff, but if I find out I will let you know. I saw a rod with the lower handle on fleabay, but the auction ended at like 2am and I wasn't able to grab it up. Negative on the hack saw! If you check out the bottom of the reel seat there should be a rubber plug that pops out, and then the lower grip has a metal stem with o-rings that hold it in place.
  13. Yuhina, is that a custom grip? Or is it the original Fenwick grip? Also, where did you find it?
  14. Guys, they only made the extension handle on certain 9 and 10wts. I may be wrong, but never heard of one in the 8wt and under range. If you see one on anything under a 9, I'm assuming it's a custom. Which wouldn't be hard to do actually. I've been tempted to convert mine into a switch rod.
  15. BTW, I'll see if I can find some of my old catalogs (have a few scattered over the years of the 1960's through end of 70's). Will see if I can dig them out and find out what they say. But the two I've ever had were a 9 and a 10 wt.
  16. LOL, I just looked at his pic (missed that). He custom made that one. The Fenwick ones had the "fenwick" buttcap you found on their gear rods.
  17. Here's pics of my 10wt Fenwick with stock fighting butt.


  18. Nice, Jerry. I am going to have to work out something custom for my FF858. I am absolutely loving that rod, but it would be incredible to have a little two hand assist for it. So money for skating smaller steelhead streams.
  19. Oh man, you guys are making me want a FF858 with a lower handle to go with my FF755.

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