What happens when you give microphones to Derek Young, Itchy Dog, and myself

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. http://theopenflypodcast.com/

    that happens. We just started, but have several shows already lined up to soldier on. I think it's a good start, but nobody thinks their own kid is ugly.
  2. This is pretty damn cool. Listening right now.
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  3. Strong work fellas.
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  4. Be sure to contact us through the website with questions, comments, or insults directed at Evan. We'll read them on the next show.

  5. That was a once in my lifetime experience... :)
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  6. Ya know listening to something like this inspires me to do something similar. I guess it is the itch to want to get further involved in the fly fishing community. Perhaps starting my own blog would be cool too.
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  7. Way to go, guys! Sound quality is very good, the repartee is, well, "repartee-ish", and I raise my glass & cigar in your general direction! Pretty cool!
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  8. Good job on this guys - very interesting discussions. Is there a schedule to the podcasts?
  9. You guys are going to put Duvall on the map. Now everybody will go there.

    How do you turn this damn thing off ?? There is no off button. Listening to it on the web site but not on everything I see. I can only listen to drivel so long.
  10. I enjoyed the entire thing, but I'm still picturing Evan casting a 10wt with a a 3wt line or was it a 3wt with a 10wt line, over the end.

    When the question was asked at the end about changing the public perspective about Wild fish I couldn't help think about what would happen if Whole Foods tried stocking Polar Bear meat. Might be an interesting experiment to see how people would respond.
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  11. Another facet to the city of DUUUVALL.

    That said, I did have trouble with the dialogue until I discovered that I had turned off the volume while looking at a previous web site, and had forgotten to turn it back on. After correcting that, it was all down hill from there. Perhaps a script?
  12. Not gonna happen
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  13. Doing an exact schedule is difficult given our real world schedules. My priority remains, and will remain, with my job at Allen. Kirk has clients to keep happy, and Derek has his own guiding enterprise and reps Streamtech boats. So we're tough to book. But we're shooting for 2-3 recordings per month... Give or take.
  14. As I said in the site email I enjoyed the podcast, it was like listening to a couple of old friends sitting around BSing. Well done!
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  15. Evan, I enjoyed your broadcast very much. Just having a little fun.
    Good jpb.
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  16. With its origins being in Duvall, I'd be surprised if you had a problem with any of it.
  17. I liked it a bunch. The unscripted conversation between friends is what makes it interesting to listen to for me. Love the idea of the guide stories.

    Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like Evan's voice was a lot louder than the rest. Derek in particular seemed pretty quiet at times.

    Also, any plans to get the show into the iTunes store, or at least set up an RSS feed so I can subscribe to it?
  18. 1st line: Thank you!

    2nd line: Yes, they are quite a bit quieter. I had a hard time keeping them talking in to their mics at close range. It's a tough habit to get in to. With a little disciplinary action, they will be leaning in more and more.

    3rd line: iTunes approval is pending. RSS feed is getting linked on the front page of our website here shortly
  19. I plead the 8th; a couple pints of 8% homebrew should have made me a bit louder, but your motivational style is working for me, Evan...

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  20. I talked into the mic the whole time. The problem is that I'm an unhurried conversationalist and often times get talked over. Especially by Evan, who has a cooler mic and a dictatorial demeanor. He's absolutely hell to work for. Thank god for podcast unions.

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