What happens when you give microphones to Derek Young, Itchy Dog, and myself

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. I am...speechless. Well played, and damn you, Boot.
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  2. Hey, if you can't be a dick once in a while, what is the purpose?

    Besides it gives a fellow an outlet for his beer.
  3. Your logo is effink perfect, dammit, and your website is hella clean. Also, I saw it on LinkedIn before I saw it here, so your SocMed presence is working. Respect!

    Oh yeah, the podcast was pretty good too I guess.
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  4. Kirk and Evan have done all the work, sometimes I think they keep me around for the endless supply of tweed hats and brandy-filled handled walking sticks..
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  5. Don't say that as if it's some sort of consolation role. Tweed and brandy are often under appreciated. You complete us.
  6. I got a chance to listen last night. It has a great feel to it, with some (almost) witty reparte. A bit like the "Fish Schtick" was before it disappeared, but without the gear rod portion. Keep up the work.
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  7. Thanks Rob! We have some outstanding topics and guests that will bring more of the chippy banter out.
  8. so excited for the next one with Dave, not sure if that means i'm pathetic or your show is that awesome already
  9. Yes, the interview with Dave will be a strong sophomor(ic) effort.
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  11. Listening to episode 2 now.

    Possible future topic, raft vs. drift boat. I think a lot of people listening to this are not guides, reps, or rod makers so I think it'd be good to talk about the goods and bads of both. I've had clients never step foot in a raft that absolutely LOVED it at the end of the day. Just something to think about.
  12. With Derek and Kirk being StreamTech dudes, and me being a hard boat fan... Could be battle royale at the open fly.
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  13. Small odd request but any chance you could use a different codec or compress the mp3 more? It was like 200mb...other podcasts I listen to in the 1hr range are about 15-25mb, which would put the length of yours at about 40-50mb or so
  14. I'll see what I can do. I think my recording software defaults to a higher bitrate. Not sure why I didn't think to lower it a bit.
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  15. Thanks man. Or you could always keep it the way it is currently then also compress a second slumdog version in shit audio quality
  16. I'll just lower the quality on all of them. Helps with my hosting bandwidth, and is more in line with the overall business philosophy at The Open Fly.
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  17. Just listened to all 3.

    Maybe do some unbaised gear reviews. This show feels like an Allen Fly fishing commercial. Overall, good show!
  18. Outside of the actual Allen commercial, there is not much pitching for Allen going on (though Allen did fund the getting off the ground).

    We're avoiding the topics of gear reviews and recommendations because I have a full time job to keep. This is about stories and conservation.

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