What happens when you give microphones to Derek Young, Itchy Dog, and myself

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  1. I demand a 2 hour show on how to balance a reel and line on my deathstar or you're losing a listener.
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  2. I'm all down for stories and conservation but some technical fly fishing advice worked into the show would add more value to the podcast.
  3. Every episode will be different. We're trying to take an angle and format different from the other fly fishing podcasts available. There are a few fly fishing podcasts out there, and they're all based around instruction. Some of our guides we'll be interviewing will be sharing their techniques and whatnot, so there will be things to learn.

    But our angle is more one around the cultural side of fly fishing; more of the "why" and "what" and less "how."
  4. Ok cool, I will listen to your show for the why and what and watch redsflyshop videos for the how. I like the show, makes my work day go by faster. Good luck.
  5. There ya go. I definitely don't have a desire to make myself in to any kind of authority figure via this show. Just a facilitator of conversation.

    That said, I may be starting up an actual instruction podcast on the side. But it'd be all through Allen. I do plan to make the info relevant no matter what gear you use, though.
  6. How about a few guests from the web site. Get their views on how they are fishing and what they think of the Steelhead problem.
  7. Not sure that'd make a particularly interesting show for our listeners that live elsewhere.
  8. Thanks for the update. Short attentions span here, it was already off my radar.
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  9. "I was a spork salesman....everybody wants a spork...you don't want two utensils....and I know I'm making it sound really killer, and like really magical"

    Awesome, probably my favorite episode so far. Particularly when Hank goes in and out of character at the end.....
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  10. It's hard to top Hank Patterson, so we acknowledge that it would behoove us to have him on the show every week.

  11. I really wanted to learn how to nymph with a thingamabobber. Thanks for addressing this in podcast 4.
  12. Thank you for this opportunity, Evan.
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  13. Cool interview Bob. Enjoyed the on-air ribbing of Leland and the floatplane. Short story title comes to mind

    Leland, the clients, the floatplane and that nap
  14. okay, my last spamming on this topic:


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