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  1. Went to the Boeing Classic today with my neighbor...the PGA Champions Tour is a real class venue (recommend it if you have never been). We were sitting in the bleachers at the 9th hole, par 3 watching them tee off and shots come in with my binoculars. Except that I kept seeing toilet flushes and rings over along the shrubbed shoreline. So, while everyone else is watching chips and putts, I'm thinking I wish I had my fly gear.

    We're heading back on Sunday for the final round. If you hear on the news about some assjack in a red Bucks Southfork, fly fishing in the middle of a PGA event, be proud of your fellow WFF member for having his priorities straight :D
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  2. I will pay you 100 dollars cash to do that. 500.00 if you are butt naked wearing indian feathers on your head.
  3. I would watch golf(or even NASCAR) to see that!
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