what kinds of flies does one use for whitefish ?

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  1. what kinds of techniques and flies does one use for white fish if they wanted to target them for fun in the winter ?
  2. Beadheaded nymphs under an indicator. I'm sure someone else will be able to elaborate a little more on what specific nymphs to use.
  3. Smaller BH soft hackle flies (#14 is a good size) fished (maybe nymphed using an incicator) near the bottom in deeper runs and pools.
  4. Hitch hiking on Jim's and Travis' input I have always done well with size 14 BH soft hackle ant. Red abdomen, black thorax with grizzly hackle. Another proven (for me) is a size 12 butcher. Red body palmered with black wet grade hackle. Since I can feel better than see I skipped the strike indicator and go with leader no longer than 7'.
  5. Any fly with peacock in it ....
  6. I found a sure way to catch Whitefish here in Montana. Just stick a size 20 Red Zebra nymph as your trailing fly. Works like a charm. They won't hit the black fly like the red one.
  7. You would have a hard time going wrong with a BH Prince Nymph in 12 or 14.

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  8. I think someone else just asked this same question (I think) a few weeks ago or so...

    Might check the search option in the upper right. Not sure what the thread title was though.
  9. Usually when my primary target is trout, I catch a lot of whitefish! Any nymph seems to be attractive to them.
  10. Got a nice one on a pink weenie today.
  11. Back home all we ever used were Gray Hackle Yellows & Gray Hackle Reds. I've done well with those out here too, the few times I've targeted Whitefish.
  12. I don't think the fly is as important as finding a school and getting a good presentation to them. Then they can be a little difficult to hook since often the bit is very quick and you don' have much time for a hookset. Just like reading water for trout or steelhead, they definitely have preferred holding water and that is the key to catching them.
  13. I catch a lot of whitefish in the winter with a Barr's Tung Teaser ( I like a size 14 ). Any beadhead fished on, or close to the bottom will most likely catch a few fish. For the last couple of weeks egg patterns have fished well on the Crooked and Deschutes Rivers here in Oregon, egg patterns will fish well until late January. I believe the key is to get your fly deep in the water column.
  14. STH70798.JPG STH70727.JPG STH70727.JPG View attachment 35234

    I use this fly (bottom photo) because when it gets wet it looks like that (middle of top photo) which resembles these bugs (top photo), which are a favorite snack of Klickitat River whitefish. This is a size 10 hook and matches the standard size skawala stone very well. Unfortunately the Klickitat River has a size 14 hook restriction now, but this fly in a 14 is still a whitey killer. Tom
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  15. When I see whitefish I want to catch, I toss ona beadhead prince nymph....always gets em.....
  16. tinman207 speaks big gospel. A prince nymph (beadhead or regular) is whitefish candy. As someone else mentioned earlier, anything peacock on it. I think the white wings and the silver rib on the prince nymph help, as well. Size? 14, as the whitefish have those itty bitty mouths...
  17. If you want to teach a fly fisher how to nymph, there is no better place than the stretch of the Madison River at the end of Ghost Village Road . Take the road until it ends in a small parking lot. Walk directly across to the Madison River above Quake Lake. This section is filled with whitefish.

    Any fly that gets to the bottom will catch fish. "A" marks Ghost Village Road on the map below.

    https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Ghos...est Yellowstone, Gallatin, Montana 59758&z=15
  18. Small Lightningbug under strike indicator. If they are around it's hard to keep them off.

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  19. Yep what they all said!

    I have done well on the Green from Hwy 18 up river and also on the Snoqualmie (main) from fall city up. Actually my brother and I went to fall city to opposite side of raging river the other day, parked at ball field and went to river to fish. I kept seeing something rise and to my surprise a snagged a decent whitefish there.

    As said once above you find a school, it is so much fun. Just think nymphing for trout and enjoy. Some of my biggest have been out of the Snoqualmie, for quantity has been the Green.


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