what rod do u use

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bobkt76, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. More choice!

    You need either a bigger rod selection, or an "other" category. Sorry but my rod choice does not fit.
  2. More choice!

    Sorry, the poll feature on the forum has a limited space for options. I'll work on that. In the mean time, just reply to the thread with your rod.

  3. More choice!

    I use a couple of types and I could only vote for one - St Croix & Sage. I voted for St.Croix, but couldn't put in Sage.
  4. More choice!

    Ok, so then I fish a WW Grigg #7 weight, and a Reddington #3/4 weight. And I am looking at a Cortland #4/5 weight.
  5. More choice!

    I didn't know this poll was here until I looked at the site today. And I come here at least once a day. I think that if some one is going to have a poll it should last longer that one day. I have three fly rods. I like my Gloomis GL5 the best. I also have a GL4. And a Lamiglas. A 6wt Jim S.:TT
  6. More choice!

    I use both St.Croix and Sage but voted for first one
  7. More choice!

    The poll should also include fishing situation. I have a number of different brands of fly rod that I use depending on the situation. For the sake of the poll though, I voted for sage as I seem to be the one I use whenever possible.
  8. More choice!

    welll i tryed i will put mor thoughts in my nexed pole keep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking
  9. My 2 cents

    Hey all,
    I too use both a Sage and St.Croix.
    8 wt. Sage for the anadromous (skookumpish)
    and a 6 wt. St. Croix for everything else(tenaspish)
  10. More choice!

    Boy. My mind is leaving me. I said that I have a GL5. I don't think they make that kind. What I ment to say was a GL3. Jim S. :TT Boy old age is getting rougher.
  11. Favorite rods...

    Like wine, fly rods are a personal thing. It depends on preference and comfort - some people cast a stiffer rod better, some people prefer something more flexible.

    I've also discovered that I prefer different "brands" based on the rod and application. Here's what I have:

    8 wt - Sage
    6 wt - Orvis
    5 wt - St. Croix
    3 wt - Loomis

    Keep on truckin'

  12. Favorite rods...

    Also ,some of us prefer bamboo over graphite. I find I feel the bact cast better,and bamboo is not as "snappy" as graphite.
  13. Favorite rods...

    I have to side with Canedawg. Last year my trout creek fishing was done entirely with a 5wt 3pc 7' bamboo rod. It's a cheap one and says 1949 on the shaft. What a pleasant rod though. Have to admit when I'm in the mood to steelhead it's StCroix, 9ft8wt or 15ft10 wt.-Flyfisher Frank:7
  14. Rod I use

    Although I indicated Sage, I must confess that the rod I use most is a cheap K-Mart special 6wt. with a thirty-something year old forward taper on a cheapo reel w/no backing. I like living dangerously. Actually works pretty good though it casts terribly (the Line is really frayed), but gives me plenty of exercise.

    I voted for the Sage because I have $1,000 invested in it and would like to get something out of it this year (it's a spey rod combo and I know jack about spey casting). I do take it out of its sleeve once in a while and admire it, but fish it I have not. Soon, though...

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