Whatcom Creek

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by M00se456, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. I recently fished Whatsom Creek after getting skunked at pass lake. I fished it where the pipeline exploded a few years ago. when i got there it didn't look that great, with only 1 descent hole, and i really didn't expect to catch anything. I endedup catching about 10 bows in an hour or so, all around 8", but it was still nice to catch some fish. Has anyone else fished this creek, and are there any bigger fish. Also does anyone else know of any small creeks that offer good winter fishing. thanks a lot for the info.
  2. Salmon come up the mouth of the creek to the hatchery. Right now the chums are starting to come in, but this is mostly a gear guy redkneck snag fest heaven sort of deal, so unless your in to that type of low brow combat fishing there's not much place for fly fishing. I have fished there a few times with my fly rod early in the morning during the week, and have been able to find a few spot that I can actually fish. The mouth of the creek is right off of Holly st in downtown Bellingham.

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