NFR What's better than the Hawks 4-1 start?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by obiwankanobi, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. The Denver Broncos being 5-0.....:) while their defense appeared to be on temporary leave until the last few minutes of the game, we still remain victorious and undefeated.
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  2. We?
    You on the team?
  3. My brother from another mother has the last name of Welker so somewhat.
  4. I really enjoyed watching that smurf Welker get lit up by the hawks last year. I'd like to see it in this years Super Bowl too.

  5. Enjoy the two years of life those lithium ion batteries carry with your rebuilt android manning.

    We're busy building a legacy over here.
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  6. Obi - sidebar.
    Do you have a brother maybe that plays rugby?

  7. Too bad your quarterback leading your precious Broncos has a very bad rep for choking in the playoffs.
  8. I missed most of the game but three plays I did see were first the "Hawks much ballyhooed secondary giving up a 73 yard touchdown strike, then I looked in a few minutes later only to see a blocked kick and the Colts running the ball in for a score. Then I checked in just before the half to see the Colts backed up against their own endzone with a 3rd and 22 only to get an offsides penalty and an interference call on a pass that went over the receivers head in low earth orbit. I didn't see what happened after that but apparently the Colts scored on that possesion. I felt like I was on a Mobious loop of disasters every time I tuned in.

    So it seems like they dummied their way into that loss and their vaunted defense could use some Aquaseal. Don't sugar coat it.

  9. Obiwan u suck at life and fly fishing
  10. As great as last weeks win was this one is equally disappointing. Finding ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. 4-1 vs 5-0, ultimately it doesn't matter. Barring injuries, these two teams seasons will be measured by their success in their respective final games of the season.
  12. Holy cow! I thought I was watching an Arena football game! Sheesh!

    I'm not a Denver fan (or hater for that matter), but I love watching good QB's play.
  13. You have to get into the playoffs before you can choke in the playoffs. Manning has been in 20 playoff games in his career and lost 11 of them. Not a stellar record but at least he got that far. The Seahawks have been in 21 playoff games in their entire history and lost 12 of them. Did they choke?
  14. Also, I think Alex Smith needs to call the 49'ers and tell them that Knock Knock joke. Chiefs, 5-0 as well!
  15. And let's be fair about this... If it wasn't for a blown coverage, Denver wins last year. That's not on Peyton.
  16. I seem to remember Seahawks officials sitting inside a plane in Denver pleading with Peyton to come and talk to them. :)

    I'm quite sure that in his day Babe Ruth had his cadre of haters too.

    You really shouldn't let your "homerisms" keep you from watching what is probably the best QB of all time. He's only going to be here for a short time yet before he retires. Everything he's learned in his career is now on display as he's playing the best ball of his life. Enjoy it while it's here so you can tell your great grandchildren that "Yes! I actually watched him play."

    The QB always gets the rap for when his team mates fail just as he gets the credit for when they don't.
    As for the playoffs, let's not forget that he has nine wins - the same as the entire Seattle franchise, and a Super Bowl win under his belt.

    Jerry Jones said he didn't pursue Manning because he had Romo.
    Yesterday Romo played the game of his life - and lost.
    Denver spotted them 14 quick points - and won.

    Hate him all you want, but he has single-handedly changed the way the game has been played for the last decade or more...
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  17. Forget Peyton Manning.

    Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson (who would you honestly prefer on your team?)

    Wilson's QB rating has dropped off big time. Still scrambling on his feet for yards, but RGIII will tell you that doesn't last forever in a QB's career.
  18. That Denver game. Talk about defense. 99 points. Well there just wasn't any.
  19. I don't understand the haters. Their heads are so full of so much negative bullshit so much of the time that it impairs their quality of life. What a waste of valuable time.

    A lot of people seem to also hate Tom Brady for no apparent reason. His crime has been to have been born good looking, intelligent and highly skilled. He is married to a supermodel, has a family and seems to lead a fairly normal and respectable life. And appears to be the most successful playoff quarterback of all time. Unlike many of the media headline hogs he hasn't been tested positive for drugs, busted for DWI, hasn't raped or abused women or wrecked any expensive sports cars or been involved in any early morning bar fights. The things that make ESPN the sleazy disgusting gossip rag that it is.

    So let's hate the guy for being the All American Boy that we have been taught since childhood was the ideal. Go figure.

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  20. Peyton Manning is no doubt an amazing quarter back. Best of all time? I really do not think so. Anyone who thinks so are probably on the side of the fence with the people who think Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan. In the end it comes down to superbowl rings and championships. Those numbers speak for themselves.

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