NFR What's better than the Hawks 4-1 start?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by obiwankanobi, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. i can tell you who is the best spey caster in the world
  2. Best all time at anything is always just a subjective label. Other than Gretzky, there really isn't a way to label anyone in any sport.

    Broncos look good and Seahawks are now fun to watch..... Iff'n I actually wanted to sit around on a weekend day and watch a bunch of overpaid athletes dance like idiots after every play.... I'm a huge sports fan but there are almost always better things to do in life than sit around and watch a bunch of people who really don't give a shit about anything other than the name on the back of their jersey.
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  3. I absolutely hate these kind of statements, I'm sorry. It takes 22 men to win a football game, let alone a championship. On your logic, Jim Kelly is just "average or slightly better". The man lead his team to four straight Super Bowls, and the team lost all four. The first one, on a missed "chipshot" field goal, as time expired. Which Jim Kelly lead them down the field with seconds remaining. He did his part.

    Thus, any athlete on a team sport, shouldn't be measured by championship rings. Just look at Barry Sanders...

    I'm sorry, that kind of statement should be left for golf, tennis, and other individual sports.
  4. Who is it Bass?
  5. Nate treat
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  6. I love the seahawks , while most of you were watching the game I was down at the ivy hole on the lower stilly fighting it out with some silver salmon, keep watching those games I'm enjoying the solitude of sundays !!!!
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  7. You should of seen ww & kerry s , back in the day

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