What's the Methow like around Twisp?

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  1. My family has access to a cabin and as I was looking at google maps I could help but notice the Methow is stones throw from the town. How is access to the river in this area? I've yet to fish the Methow but was hoping the area around Twisp was a good stretch for summer runs. Anything information helps, thanks.
  2. It'll be open for trout after the 1st Sat in June. It's closed for Steelhead unless they have an emergency opener to get the hatchery fish out of the system. That would most likely happen in the fall.
  3. Access gets pretty tough up that way. Mostly private farm land with no trespassing signs
  4. I have a had a great time catching resident trout there in the summer. I just drove around until I saw spot to pull over and walked to the river.
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  5. Twisp is about as high up the Methow as I ever fish....
  6. there is good fishing to be had. i bleieve the allowable water is from gold creek up to the bridge a few miles before mazama unless it has changed. There is some great water if you are willing to hike. As stated earlier about twisp i always tend to catch biggger fish down that way, however there is plenty of great fishing higher up to be had so dont let that deter you.
  7. Some encouraging posts. Thanks guys. We are trying to take multiple trips over there this summer, so hope I get a day in to explore.
  8. You may want to check the upcoming regulations before heading out this summer. I heard there was some proposed changes to the area(s) open to trout fishing. Of course, this has little, if anything to do with the steelhead forum, except occasionally the seasons may overlap, both spatially and/or temporally.
  9. While the river opens June 1, I find the river is usually off color until mid June or later. The Chewuch is putting a lot of color in the system, so the best trout fishing in June is above Winthrop. The Big Valley access is a good one for wading fishers. I like floating from Weeman bridge down. I caught my biggest Methow River trout near the town park in Twisp and some very large bull trout (incidental to trout fishing) above Winthrop. The float from the Red Barn in Winthrop to the take out below Twisp is an excellent float with lots of good water, as is the float below that take out down to Carlton. Usually in June, the lakes are still producing excellent fishing, so I wait until 4th of July weekend to try the Methow. Rick
  10. I just read the proposed rule changes also -
    # 21. Adjust open area for trout
    fishing on the Methow River to protect steelhead
    (Okanogan County)

    Short Description

    Increase conservation measures by closing trout angling in a section of the lower Methow River. More details
    Close trout angling
    on the section of river from Gold Creek

    to Highway 153 bridge at McFarlane Creek. New rule would read "Methow River from
    County Rd 1535 (lower Burma Rd) Bridge to Gold Creek, all gamefish, First Sat in June

    Sept 15."


    During September, within the lower section of the Methow River,

    steelhead begin to move upstream into the section of the river
    open for trout fishing. This rule change protects steelhead from incidental catch by closing a portion of the lower section t
    o trout

    Written Testimony (23 comments)

    Support: Most com
    ments are in support. Comments include (a) increased protection provided steelhead, and (b) requests the
    Department consider limiting guiding and floating from a fishing device due to substantial fishing pressure in this system.

    Oppose: Current regula
    tions are well balanced and serve the fish and fishermen.

    Public Hearing (0 comments)

    There were no comments.

    Staff Recommendation:

    Adopt as proposed.
  11. New reg is lame. I fish the Methow down there for big trout and not Mykiss. Unfortunately, Mykiss is a big trout so..............If the river wasn't a zoo steelhead fishery in the Fall and there was never any steelhead fishing at all I wouldn't fish this way.....I fish for giant gold bars and you guys know what I mean. ;)
  12. There is good fishing in the entire length of river open to fishing. I agree with Rick that it is best fished
    after the 4th of July or when the water clears. That means the water doesn't have to be down just clear
    and areas that are fishable, the fish are very selective and spooky as the water lowers and the throngs of
    fisherman and intertube drifters hit the river.
    kelly Michelsen
  13. BTW my avatar is one of the very nice Bull trout that are in the Methow, I landed that fish while steelhead fishing late last October.
    Kelly Michelsen

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