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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dave Evans, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. We have been remodeling the house the past year and I have been getting into woodworking and building stuff for the house. My spouse bought me this table for tying a few years ago and it has worked very well. Here is my old setup on the table.


    But there were some things I wanted to improve with this setup. One big problem was our two labradors and the husky. They get very curious and the old station was small so all of materials were at the edge of the table, and it was game on for the dogs whenever feathers or anything else fell on the floor. The second thing was that the old stand only had a dozen holes for tools, scissors, bobbins, etc. so it was kind of a hassle. I had thought about building my own station for a while, but I was in Spokane last month at a surplus warehouse for a furniture company and found this:


    They had some very nice mahogany as well as some great darker wood and all of it was pretty cheap. So I bought one board of mahogany and another of the darker wood and put together something that would cover the entire desk so things would not fall off into dog world, and also I wanted plenty of holders for my tools and thread. Here is the glue up


    And the final product still in the garage


    The cutout in the middle is for my giraffe light/magnifier and it fits flush with the surrounding board. I also had some extra wood so built a holder for finished flys. The bolts hold a Wheatley foam insert so I can replace them as they get cut up.


    Here is the whole setup with my vise, tools, etc. Works very well!


    It was great fun. I really enjoy woodworking but fishing is my passion, so it was fun to combine the two.
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  2. Really nice work. I really enjoyed woodworking but sold off all my tools recently as I decided to narrow down my hobbies. I decided everything needed to be in support of my main hobbies of hunting and fly fishing. This focus gave me a great excuse to get into fly tying! :) You can be very proud of that tying station you did a great job.
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  3. Good job. Are those two Ekich bobbins I see on the end there?

  4. Wonky, thanks for your nice comments. Tim, yes they are, and while others may disagree I think they are worth every penny! I have the smaller one for trout and the larger model for steelhead flies.
  5. You lucky dog. Those bobbins have been on my Christmas list for many years.
    My favorite bobbin happens to be about the cheapest bobbin you can get making the Ekich seem like quite an extravagance.
    Maybe next year Santa will smile down on me.

    In regards to the tying table I think corralling your small surface was a great idea. You can now fill the enclosed space with at least two or three layers of accumulated crap essentials.

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  6. Dave, nicely done.
  7. You were right the first time! Starting to tie for steelhead, so it will be layers.
  8. I really like the setup. It's a perfect use of space, and excellent wood work - can't beat finding quality wood at a good price!

    One thing I've been struggling with is going through various patterns and the quantity of materials I have.

    I have over 70 spools of thread, wire, floss, rope, tinsel, etc. Where do all these go?

    I have many capes, 1/2 capes, saddles, 1/2 saddles. I have a bazillion types of natural hair from bear to elk to moose to deer and much more! I also have much synthetic stuff e.g. flashabou, minnow belly, crystal flash, in nearly every color. And, to top it all off, I have a million different colors and types of yarn from wool to poly. That's just scratching the surface. I haven't mentioned the CDC in various colors, the biots in every imaginable color... I could go on and on! Where do these all go?

    I'm pretty organized. But, I could really use some help, too. Do you have these problems? How do you cope?
  9. My tying table is in the family room but definitely not enough room to keep all my stuff in there. There have been recent posts of some very good looking desks but we do not have the room in the family room. Our laundry room is next door to the family room and I had two benches set up for reloading / fishing. I have since dropped the reloading but the tables are great for rod building, switching out and cleaning lines, etc. A lot of the non-biological stuff is stored on peg boards above the tables. I had a major scare with bugs last spring, so all fur and feathers are stored in bins I bought at Joann's. I put the stuff in their own plastic bags then throw it in the container with some cedar chips and about half of a flea collar then label the outside of the bin. Threads/tinsels/wires were also a problem for me but Joann's had containers (Super Satchel Series) that hold about 200 spools each. So I just pull whatever I need out of the bins and off of the walls then take it into the tying station. I've gotten used to it and it is not a big deal. Here are some pics from the gallery:



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  10. Thanks for the info and photos, Dave. Similar to the issues I have but definitely constrained re immediate space.

    For now I have all the thread, wire and so forth I need immediately on my tool caddy. Smaller materials mentioned have spots in my secretary desk while larger bulkier stuff like my saddles, capes, bucktails, and storage bins have a home in drawers of the cabinet I keep next to the secretary.

    The drawers in the cabinet are temporary as I hope to find a better solution.
  11. Dave, are you living with Norm from This Old House or what? :)
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  12. This is where I tie most of my flies. I can't exactly put my finger on it but there is a vague difference between your's and mine:D

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  13. Dave,
    you live in a fly shop,
    Thanks for the info regarding fur and feather, and the inspiration.
    You made me realize my little Ikea table/ fly tying station would do well with a similar treatment. hmmmm.. A trip to Edan Saw... My wife is going to kill me, .....again.
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  14. Dave,

    Nice work on your tying station.
  15. Look's better than a somedays prepper set-up!


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