When the pro shop doesn't have it...?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. When I can, I prefer to support my local fly shop. However, there have been times when they don't even carry a certain material for the flies I want to tie, or they are out, and I can't wait for the next shipment.

    That being said, where are some good sites that are good for materials?


  2. You've run into the "all to often" dilema. When there is only one shop how do you get what they need if the shop is out? I have found that in those cases, I rely on J.S. Stockard or Feathercraft. Often they have materials that I like to use but are no longer carried by my local shop. The shops have to order such large quantities that they can't buy them. Such is the case of several synthetics so I buy on the net and get quick service. It doesn'r mean that I don't support my local shop. Heck I've spent a fortune there but sometimes you have to look elsewhere to get something you want.
  3. Think of the monetary commitment that the local shops make to us fishers and customers. The feathers alone are burdensome, I would suspect. That said, I try to support them as much as my limited budget will allow, but I don't lose sleep when I have to order something from the net. I try to avoid foreign suppliers. So far, I have not had to buy directly from China.
  4. You can find most anything tying related at one of this site's sponsors.... Waters West
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  5. +1 on J S Stockard and Feathercraft
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  6. HA! I clicked on several of the sponsors for this site, and didn't find what I was looking for. However, that was one of the 2 or 3 I didn't click on! Thanks!

    Thanks for the other suggestions as well guys. :)
  7. I've ordered from WW and PSFCo for years, both are site sponsors. If you have to order your product anyway, you can still go local and either pick up at the shop or get it drop shipped to your address.

  8. Waters West, hands down, has the best selection of fly tying material I have seen in Western Washington. Dave is a nice guy too.
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  9. well said. the pacific northwest has some of the finest fly shops in the entire country. with the number of high quality shops with online stores i just don't get shopping at a website that you wouldn't even know if the owners fly fish.

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