When will Montana streams be fishable this year?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trapper Badovinac, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. I believe it in fact I have absolutely no problem believing it as a matter of fact on that section of river I do not imagine it would be that hard. Maybe not any day but probably more days than not.
  2. a chance? totally beleiveable. at least for that 1-5% of anglers that (really) know what they're doing. 45 of those fish will probably be under 14" and during prime time? "rolling" 100 fish in a day, is totally possible. maybe not landing 100 fish. the people that might have a chance at doing that probably quit counting fish 10 or 20 years ago. marketing? kelly knows marketing, maybe even better than streamer fishing and hair spray :D
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  4. The Missouri is really on the drop, went from 11,000 to 6830 Below Holter in just a few days.

    They're also dropping the Bighorn 500 cfs per day starting today after determining that they have
    enough storage capacity in the reservoirs above to handle the remaining runoff.
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    if you live in 3 forks, you might be thinking of the lower madison, where those days might be rare. think WAY upstream.
  6. Good catch. The inflows at Toston are dropping very fast. It went from 20K to 16K in a few days. Canyon Ferry is still 10' low, so without any precip, that makes sense.

    If we start getting normal rainfall, and the Reservoir inflows jump up, they'll likely adjust the flows out of Holter. But until that time the fishing should be very good a couple days after the flows stabilize.

  7. It has been pretty chilly at night the last few days, and the up-and-down pattern on every freestone gauge follows that. I'm hoping that the 65-70 degree weather we are getting has prevented the major blowout flood event everyone expected. This could just be turning into a Goldilocks type of year! Soon I will be hiking into Bear Trap before work!
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    Sorry i don't know Dan Gard

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