Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Chetco?
  2. Looks like Heaven?

    That has to be it!
  3. Togiak?
  4. PT is there philosophically, but not geographically. Porter is hovering north and south of it now.

  5. Koktuli?
  6. I haven't even heard of that. Is it in the neighborhood?
  7. Yep, a trib of the Nushagak. Naknek or trib?
  8. It can't be that difficult...now can it? Seems you were having a bit of trouble there pal. Glad someone got you straightened up.
  9. Neil creek
  10. I finally figured out where I'm at. But I don't know anymore. I think that I'm out of my mind with all of this useless shit.


    I also gave up guessing games when I started school at the age of 5
  11. Freestone, think further north.

    Mike Lee, Akiak or Aniak? The latter isn't too far away. I'm unsure of the former.

    Mumbles, I was just picking on ya' cuz ya' chose a handle like Mumbles. I do appreciate your help walking me through the photo posting, all of which did tend to prove the point, however.

    Grayone, Isn't Neil Ck down in the Wood-Tikchik? If so, then further north.

  12. Old Man says "I think that I'm out of my mind with all this useless shit."

    Then be like me, Jim...don't read it! There were 38 posts made here on this thread alone yesterday (I only counted 'em, didn't read 'em) during the time period that i launched my U-12 and paddled up a tidal creek and fished for cutthroat, (only C&R'd a half dozen smaller ones...biggest about 10"), talked story with another fly angler I met on the creek, came home, cleaned up my gear, fixed and ate lunch, got some personal business taken care of, got 'er done, and then went surfing. Getting out of my wetsuit at 8:30pm. Home after dark.

    Life is short.:p
  13. Russian River
  14. Kuskokwim?
    Sg, the point you made was that posting pictures can't be that tough if I can do it, and your point was well made. It is not that tough. Glad to see that it did not stump you for long. The name Mumbles chose me, and it seems fitting.
  15. Akiak. But that's obviously not it. I think it's way upstream from Freestones location you never heard of.
  16. Damn it salmo we just look like a bunch pre-pubescent kids trying to lose their virginity! Is that it? No....is that it?.....no.
  17. Not the Russian; that's part of the Kenai system in south central.

    This location is western, north of Bristol Bay, but not as far as Mumbles' choice Kuskokwim.

    Hint: fly in, but no lake on the uppermost river. Land in a duck pond and hump raft and gear to river and float to mouth for truck ride up the beach to a village airstrip for the way out.

    Mumbles, I'z just funnin' ya'. You're a good sport.
  18. Mike,

    Not at all. There are probably more rivers in AK than there are lakes in MN. And Sara Palin says there are 3 million lakes in AK, not that she'd know, but she might actually be close.


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