Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Sorry Old Man, not the SF Stilly.
    Sorry Mike Lee, not the Umtanum Launch either.
  2. This thread is a collaosal waste if time or however the hell you spell it.
  3. Cholesterol?
  4. Colossal.
    Sorry to hear you don't like nice photos and a bit of brain stress.
  5. He must be talking about me, but not quite sure. I take my time when producing my thread of colossal waste [daily].
  6. Hoh ox bow boat ramp?
  7. Ok.....maybe the Thorpe Bridge Launch- Yakima River (171.5mi)?
  8. Where's Irene?
  9. Sorry, Irene Rhinehart Park on the Yakima in Ellensburg.
  10. Mike, sorry, not the Hoh Oxbow and not the Thorp Bridge on the Yakima.
    Freestone is now in control of the board. We're screwed. Freestone fishes some places not known to exist.
  11. No need to apologize for my ignorance of the Yak. Bring on the next location.
  12. I'll be kind Ed!
  13. One of my favorite times of year...where am I?

  14. Nope...next?
  15. Wenatchee?
  16. Darn, too easy. You're up Ed....
  17. Nice pic, Freestone
    I love it around here that time of year.
  18. Me too Gary, me too. Was up at Beehive the other night and fall was in the air...can't wait!

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