Where Am I?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I really like that photo Freestone. After a few hot days I'm wishing for cooler temps and the end of our just arrived summer.

    How about this one with the misses and a super cool local guide?
  2. Lewis?
  3. Sorry Clarki, not the Lewis but I hope to head in that direction soon.
  4. Sol Duc?
  5. Sorry Mike, not the Sol Duc although if you are headed that way stop by and pick me up!
  6. Most Definitely!
  7. I have no idea. Humptulips?
  8. Mike, is that a cross between Stonefish's favorite salmon and flower? Sorry, not the Humptulips, yet to venture there too. I posted a report on this one a long while back. I'll say that this particular guide was awesome to fish with and worked tremendously hard to row us through a few slots repeatedly to get into some great small cutthroat action.
  9. Cowlitz
  10. Don't know much about Stonefish's Favs, but I keep eyeing your avatar!
  11. Kerry, not the Cow.
    Stewart Dee is now in control of the board. For those following along at home, Brian Paige is that guide and I totally enjoyed every moment on the water with him that day. Seek him out, you won't be disappointed. What are you going to show us now Mr. Dee?
  12. This should be easy for anyone on the ball......

  13. Skagit.
  14. OK Clarki you are up! How did you know? That is my area or you have been before.
  15. Nice Pic Clarki!
  16. Duckabush

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