Where are the Chum fry?

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  1. Not sure what is going on here. Another "forage fish" problem. I have been out several times searching for the sea run cutthroats with little success. I caught 3 fish a couple of days ago at about 12-13", and, I actually caught them on a fry imitation, but, I have not seen any fry on the move. And about 5 days back I hooked two nice fish that came unbuttoned, but that was it. I spoke with Richard Stoll yesterday and he said he has not seen any fry yet on the move either. Locally here in Kitsap, my friend said there was a hell of a storm (maybe in December, he doesn't remember) that blew the local creek out and plenty of muddy water was entering the bay from the storm. He was thinking it could have blown all the chum fry eggs out of the creeks. I'm waiting to see some cutthroats chasing some fry!!! Any theories from the rest of you folks, or am I having personal "bad luck"?
  2. I would expect to see them at the Hood Canal river areas by now.
  3. I think Bob has it, a number of Hood Canal streams have runs of summer chum which enter fresh water considerably earlier than the usual late fall runs in most rivers. Since they spawn earlier, the fry hatch out earlier. I would not expect to see the major outmigrations of fall chum fry until April and May.
  4. I have seen them in the oly area both on the beaches, and still up in the creeks in the last 2 weeks.
  5. Larry, that big storm was Nov. 19 of last year. Due to the storm and unusually high tides, downtown Pt. Orchard actually suffered some flooding. I remember seeing pics in the paper of the flooding. I went down to Chico Creek the following day and the flow was amazing! The water was boiling completely over the tops of those 2 concrete pylon structures below the Kitty Hawk Road bridge!

    I too have not yet noticed any fry in or around Chico or Clear Creek. On a better note though, I was on the Canal yesterday, near Holly, and there were fry in the water. Not many but it got my hopes up!

    Oh, and BTW, your personal bad luck isn't so personal, at least in my experiences recently!! ;)
  6. My scouting has been equally disappointing Larry. I was out on Hood Canal two days ago and only saw a couple fry, but no big schools. Found some nice schools in the Gig Harbor area, but no Searuns chasing them down, it was all resident coho.
  7. Larry,
    It might be worth a call to the Hoodsport hatchery to see when they release chum fry.
    That should unleash a SRC feeding frenzy when 10 million or whatever it is get their freedom....:D
  8. Out on Monday in the boat, and did see schools of 1" Fry in the rips. Keep looking.... They are out there.
  9. Steve,
    I didn't forget about you. Still would like to go out together and nab some fish! Just haven't found much worthwhile yet!
  10. I will be checking a few places out in the next couple days

  11. covered tons of water today and didn't see any fry. did enjoy watching an unmolested school of sandlance swim around the boat for awhile.
  12. Did some scouting and catching in Kitsap today. Threw my chum baby for 45 min and switched it up to a chartreuse clouser and WHAM on the second cast. Saw a few fry, but no swarms. November is when you see full commercial fishing for Chum outside of Kingston. Another week to two weeks and we will be laughing about those dog days of early Spring!
  13. I found this pdf file on the WDFW site with hatchery info. Go to page 152 for Hoodsport chum information. Looks as if the month of April is the chum release time.

  14. Tough to have an abundance of fry when you have declining adult returns.
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  15. Just this morning (4/1) I saw my first school of fry in the Chico Creek area. They were about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in length.
  16. One thing to consider; if you are not yet seeing many chum fry, then the Cutthroat may not be seeing many of them either. With some of our sea run Cutthroat now in post spawning condition, leaner and less robust, it wont hurt to be conservative in our approach to the beaches now while the Cutthroat resume gaining weight. It only takes a few weeks for them to regain their former zealous, ass-kicking qualities. We have a whole season ahead of us, and so do they. Give them a chance to fatten up. Tread lightly.
  17. And that's what I'm talkin' about!!!! :D

    OK, Bob, I need to keep remindin' myself: "patience is a virtue!"

    Shouldn't that be the litany of every angler?? ;)
  18. I was out last week -- spent the day with Greg Cloud before speaking at the Olympia TU meeting -- and the South Sound cutts were definitely eating chum salmon fry. We're far from the peak of all this, so patience is key. Just keep visiting your beaches and fishing. If you don't see chum fry, try other flies, such as woolly buggers, Clousers, sculpin imitations and scud flies. The cutts eat every day....

    Bob Triggs is right about being conservative right now. I try to keep away from the creek mouths, and, if I do hook a skinny fish, I head elsewhere. By the way, caught a nice mix of cutts last week. There were some very nice fish -- and I saw lots of smaller cutts. I like to see a wide range of sizes.
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  19. Saw them yesterday on the foss waterway in tacoma about inch long.

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