Where do you purchase your fly tying materials?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JB, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Anyone willing to share where they purchase their fly tying materials (no tax, no shipping, good quality, etc...) Thanks!

  2. might try a taxidermist a week or two after hunting season starts. Many animals are brought in that the capes are not suitable for a mount because the hunter did not know how to field dress with mounting in mind. I bet that if you contacted the taxidermist a few weeks prior, they would have a few hides waiting for you! Pick up a white tail, muley, elk...and you would have hair for a lifetime! You could salt the hides but i would recommend looking into cheap tanning solutions to preserve.

    *** Also remember that Big critters can have other "little" critters hiding in the fur, there are treatments to kill them. you might spend a few bucks to prepare it all, but you could split the cost with friends and have tons of hair and end up having it for free if others went in on the deal.

    To temporarily store it, you could salt the back and let that suck the moisture out....after a day or 2, brush off the excess salt, fold in big folds with hair touching hair (so the hair does not freeze to the hide) and stick in a hefty bag.
  3. Before you go out collecting road-kills or skins from a taxedermist, it may be worthwhile to read the FAQ compiled from the Flyfish@ Listserv and titled "Processing Fly Tying Materials at Home" located at http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/petti.htm.

    Lowest price, no tax and no shipping all from the same source? Probably isn't going to happen any time soon. I buy most of my materials locally from Morning Hatch and, if they don't have something I want, I go online and use Feather-Craft (http://www.feather-craft.com/.)

  4. I purchase from a number of places, but with a mind towards convenience and price. If I'm driving through Fife (just east of Tacoma on I-5), I drop in at SportCo. Their selection can be so-so, but their prices are always good. GI Joe's is also relatively cheap. They can be found in Federal Way, Issaquah, and Lynnwood. Their selection isn't too bad, and their prices are okay. Still, if you are looking for the "latest thing" or something esoteric, are concerned about quality, or just need good selection, it's hard to beat fly shops like The Mad Flyfisher in Federal Way, Creekside Angling in Issaquah, The Evening Hatch in Tacoma, and Patrick's in Seattle. Of course, there are many other fly shops in the state, but I haven't been there yet. Oh yeah, the number one place to score very cheap marabou in black or white, as well as craft foam, is Jo Anne's Fabrics. Just don't cruise on in geared up like a fly fisher--you might earn some dirty looks. :THUMBSUP
  5. Go to Oregan

    Tight Lines From Alaska
    0012 :THUMBSUP
  6. All the guys who replied are right. You just have to go into these shops and look around and see what each carries and what prices they have. My favorits are sportco, gi-joes and morning hatch, since Im from the tacoma area. Some are limited but others might have the stuff the other one may not. Good hunting.

    P.s. Theres a G.I Joes in south hill puyallup also. Take southhill exit and go left and its right in front of you. And thanks for all the other places one of you mentioned!

  7. Try Hook and Hackle in Pennsylvania. Their URL is www.hookhack.com. They give a 20 % discount on anything ordered over the internet. No sales tax. No shipping fees on orders over $100, I think. Very easy people to deal with. They also have an excellent selection of rod building components, blanks, lines, reels, rods, etc. All for 20% off.

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