Where to buy foam for pontoon seat?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. I am constantly having to repair leaks in my seat cushion of my creek co voyager. They are sending me a new one but I think I'd like the foam so I can stop worrying about it. Does anyone know where I can get a thick square piece of foam for my seat similar to what the fishcat has? Thanks.
  2. A craft store or Amazon.com
  3. It needs to be pretty thick I doubt a craft store would carry it but I can give it a shot.
  4. Are you looking for something like Styrofoam or the foam that would be found in a couch seat? If it's the latter, I can help.
  5. No that type of foam is too soft and absorbs water. I need it to be very buoyant. If you've ever seen the foam in a fishcat seat that's the type I'm looking for.
  6. How thick? Give dimensions of what you're looking for. I still might be able to help.
  7. Home depot sells a canned spray that will harden. I do not know if it will get hard enough to work but it is out there.

    You could build a small cardboard dam to spray and let it expand into the shape you want.
  8. This is the type of stuff I'm looking for. Ill measure my pontoon seat tonight and give you dimensions.

  9. Did you ask Creek Co? They have replacement foam for some of the float tubes and would probably know if it would fit the Voyager.
  10. Creek co actually sent me a replacement cushion but I'm thinking the foam would be better since I won't have to worry about patching it on the river. I'm not too impressed with creek co bladders and inflatable products. Not very strong or thick.
  11. Thomas - what you are looking for is closed cell foam that will not absorb moisture. Check with stores like Best Buy, Lowe's, etc. as they often have lots of this material that is used for packing. Dumpster Diving is hip these days, so no worries about loosing street cred :D.
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  12. I dont remember the name of this store but off 109 across from I hop there is a hardware store that has tones of foam to choose from. I used them for my deployment box on taking my electronics across the pond. I think they may have what you are looking for. foam2.PNG
  13. Your butt won't appreciate the change! The stuff is firm...but it floats.
  14. That's exactly what I'm looking for, thank you
  15. I have a block of what would be considered Ultra Foam in the above link. You'd have to cut it to shape. If you're interested, pm me an email address and I'll send you some pictures. It's at my shop in Kent.
  16. PT that would work well I believe. How thick is it? I may have to stack two pieces together. What are you asking for it?
  17. Free. You will have to work with this piece a bit. Odd shape but it's only glued on pieces that need to be removed. Then, cut what you need and glue together.

    foam1.JPG foam2.JPG foam3.JPG
  18. I'm pretty sure I have the foam seat for my ODC 420. Ill talk to the wife tonight and if its still in my garage, you can have it.
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