Where to buy foam for pontoon seat?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. I have had greaat success with Creek Company products, including two no questions immediate replacements on the lifetime warranty. They use foam on seats, like the 420, so just ask them; I'll bet they can ship someting to you.
  2. Lot's of great info already presented, but just wanted to add a recent experience at The Friendly Foam Shop (www.friendlyfoam.com) in Bellevue. I went in there to get some foam for some bench cushions - they had a variety of densities and thicknesses which I could sit on to see if they met the exact specifications of my butt. While I was there I asked about foam backing for archery targets. I was impressed that they actually knew what I was talking about and had a remnant piece of high-density self-healing foam that fit my needs perfectly.

    Maybe of general interest - they can also create custom cut foam equipment case inserts, so if you have some sort of gun/bow/reel/camera/tool case that could benefit from a laser foam cutout that fits your equipment exactly, they can do that as well.

    I felt like I was in the fly shop of foam.
  3. Sean that would be awesome but if you cant give it to me than ill ne happy to take the uncut foam. I truly appreciate the offer guys thats cool.
  4. I get that kind of stuff at department stores.

    Just ask (anyone really) to see if you can have their packing foam from the garbage. The TV's, computer stands, etc. that they put on display, all come in that foam stuff from the packaging. Someone in the store is always willing to go back and get you want.

    I ask a younger person. They seem more eager to help....

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