Where to buy latex balloons for indicators?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by msteudel, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. I just wanted to try them out for myself. When I was fishing down on the Bighorn river, lots of guides I talked to swore that balloons were a lot more sensitive to subtle takes than thingmabobbers. I fished a whole day down there with them, and caught a lot of fish ...
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  2. Rubber's. It's like wearing socks to bed.
  3. Do you secure them just like thingamabobbers?
  4. If I remember you just use an overhand knot.
  5. You can get a buck (or beer sometimes) out of a single balloon, on the S fork of that Idaho river in spring..
  6. Well, unlike Thingamabobber's... balloons are merely a passing fad ;). And, I'm guessing you would have caught as many fish, at that fish factory, with the myriad of floats we call "indicators".
  7. Trojan is a solid name in latex. Stay away from the textured ones. Added weight lessen its sensitivity.​
    the ribbed ones have to much surface area to mantain a drag free drift
  8. Yeah the other days I used thingamabobbers and caught plenty. And really, it's impossible to do any scientific research into it on the river. But I still want to try it for myself on my own rivers at my own pace.
  9. you gotta be kidding right.....to post this on a fly fishing site....
  10. I used to use balloons made of finger cots when I lived in Florida. We would lip rig us up some live mullet baitfish, tie on a finger cot balloon anywhere from 1-3 feet up from the bait and lob that sucker out into the coves and estuaries. Let that little mullet swim around. The balloons would show when the redfish were moving in because it would be darting all over the place. Don't set the hook until you hear the balloon pop!

  11. Seems to me like a completely legitimate question with reasonable reasons why he is interested in pursuing them. He put the question out there to a forum with a wealth of information hoping in turn for an honest response, probably also knowing there would be a few jokes. But to down right call it a joke is in my opinion part of the problem this forum has faced lately with multiple mundane honest question or posts turning into a crap storm of how one chooses to fish.

    As to the original question, I have not tried these but they do look promising on many levels: http://www.skru-it.com/prod_balloonindicators.php
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  12. Some people see the world differently than you do. Get over it.
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  13. Somehow, I just knew that the Trojans would get into this thread.
  14. He probably would of being better off if he just asked about Balloons. It would of been safer that way.
  15. I love it. You're like the Dark Knight of nymphing. Whenever a sully word is uttered in reference to nymphing, Ira-flys outta the bat cave to come its defense. Whenever a "purist" pops up to talk chit about bobbers, Irafly is there to lay down some nymphing justice. Keep fighting the good fight, or whatever it is.

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  16. Not that I can attest by personal experience, being less than a novice dirty ass nympher, but I did fish with an expert's expert among dirty ass nymphers, and he said balloons are hands down superior to thingamabobbers among nymphers skilled enough to know the difference. I did witness the results, and they were impressive: "how many steelhead are in this pool? Four. How many will we hook? All of them." And we did.

    Balloons best for this task can be had from the flower and balloon shop in Bozeman, MT. I even wrote the phone number down, but that was a few years ago.

  17. Scientific anglers are coming out with a new one for Trojan.
    They're sharkskin textured condoms. They'll rip your girlfrind to shreds, but they make a really cool scratchy sound when shooting, so its totally worth it IMHO
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  18. For latex I always go with Vandelay Industries.

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