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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by slowchef, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. New to this site but have trolled for some time. First week of November going to take some time off work. Trying to come up with a game plan. Head east to fish trout on big Montana river. Or go to the Grande Ronde? Going to be meeting a friend from Boise. Any thought on something in between. The fish don't matter so much. Just good times on the water with a chance at a little catching. Just a note about my fishing style would rather fish the nymph and catch some trout than swing the fly in some vain hope of having a tug from something that I might catch after two days on the water. No offense to you winter fly guys. I spent to much time making my money from fishing(commercial) to flog the water for days on end with out catching. Any thought much appreciated.
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  2. Why don't you tell us about yourself. You'll get more help that way.

    By the way. There ain't no fish in Montana for out of staters.
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  3. might be in the wrong forum then
  4. stick with a gillnet you can't go wrong!!!!!!
  5. Just keep trolling!!!
  6. Introductions work really well here. To quote OMJ, "follow the squiggly blue lines."

    Nobody gives up spots, unless you know em really well, and sometimes not even then.

    You just went about your post incorrectly. I've seen new guys get a pile of advice and suggestions when it's done correctly.
  7. Wow, winter doldrums setting in already guys?

    Welcome Slowchef! If you and your buddy are driving and meeting up half-wayish, (assuming that you are from W WA) the Grande Ronde or Clearwater would be a great plan as it splits the driving and will give you more time to visit. Nymphing should produce steelhead, though maybe not as many as you would get on trout in MT.

    Can't help with trout recommendations though as I don't usually fish for them once steelheading opens so I don't keep track of what is open/closed. I know the Missouri is open year-round but it's a heck of a long drive for both of you and you didn't say if you want to wade fish or if you'll have watercraft. If you were willing to drive/fly to him, I'd check out the Owyhee and maybe other area rivers.
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  8. How do the Selway/Lochsa fish late fall? I am exploring that area next year.

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