Which Back/Chest Pack combo for fishing in the rain?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm in the market for a back/chest pack combo for a bit of whole day hiking and fishing in areas that rains A LOT. I may also occasionally submerge the bottom area (6-10inches?) of the backpack while wading. Hence, waterproof qualities are very important.

    I had narrowed down to 3 choices :
    1. Fishpond Tundra combo
    2. Simms dry creek Roll-Top bag and Chest-pack combo
    3. William Joseph Coastal combo

    The tech spec on their official web site is a little confusing. Fishpond says the Tundra is waterproof, while Simms says the dry creek is only water resistance. My local fly shop only has the Tundra pack and on first look, it seems doubtful to me that the pack will keep my stuff dry if it rains all day...?

    Any practical experiences with the above 3 combo? Any other combo out there that will work in my situation? Any experience and recommendations will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Regardless of any pack, an appropriately sized plastic garbage sack enhances waterproofness!
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  3. I have the Patagonia Sweet Pack Vest and it is very nice, I have no complaints about it. Take a look at it.

  4. Option #2. Go with the Dry Creek Day Pack though and the Dry Creek Hip Pack. The Roll Top pack is cool................if you plan on camping for 5 days and plan to pack both kids in it. Its huge!
  5. Thanks for the advise and recommendations.

    Spencer, The reason I discounted the Dry Creek day pack was due to the presences of zippers, which may degrade its waterproof qualities. Any personal experience of using it in pro-longed rain? Thanks!
  6. LL Bean sells a waterproof sling pack that is pretty sweet and half the price of anything fishpond or Simms. I hate fishpond, overpriced crap.
  7. Boo for chest packs.
    A. They're uncomfortable under and over a rain jacket.
    B. They get in the way of the chest pocket on my waders, which I keep the essentials in (dip and a pistol).
  8. The Simms zippers will leak as will any zipper of that type. It sounds like you need a waterproof zipper. A few companies use light drysuit-type zippers so they are watertight and even submersible if you take an unexpected swim. These zippers are not cheap, however, which is why very few companies use real waterproof zippers. Here are some that do:

    If you want truly waterproof, one option is the Patagonia Stormfront day pack and/or hip pack. http://www.patagonia.com/us/search/Storefront

    Another option is Sage Brush Dry Goods as they also use real waterproof zippers and have a fishing hip pack and day pack. I have their hip pack and love it. http://www.sagebrushdrygoods.com/

    Another option is Ortlieb as their founder invented the zipper most companies use. I have one of their zippered waterproof duffles and it is bombproof and the zipper is submersible. They make awesome stuff. http://www.ortlieb.com/_prod.php?lang=en&produkt=cor13

    One thing to be aware of is that true waterproof zippers take regular maintenance and lubrication and one must be careful not to overload/stress them. The zippers are stiff and harder to slide (esp. in the cold) so they aren't for everyone. But when you need true waterproof protection they are worth it and it sounds like these zippers would be perfect for you!

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