Which DSLR do you shoot, Canon or Nikon?

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Which DSLR do you shoot?

  1. Canon

  2. Nikon

  3. Other

  1. I switched to Pentax because of the smaller weather sealed body available. I still have a very good Canon body and lens that I think about selling every other month. But I never pick up my Canon. For carrying around all day I enjoy the Pentax. If I were to start all over I would have bought the Pentax to start. The most important thing I know now is to look at the lenses you want, which of course you don't know what lenses you will want or need when you start. If you buy good glass, you might use it the rest of your life while you trade in your camera body whenever you feel the need for the newest, latest version. Good glass also seems to hold its value better if you decide you do want to switch systems.
  2. Hey, Grant, are you using the K-5?
  3. I will say that the Pentax Limited series of prime lenses are great. I love using them.
  4. Yes, I am using the K-5. You can pick up used bodies quite reasonably now. Pentax is rumored to be working on 4 new bodies right now with one to be announced in February, so the K-5 will probably get even more reasonably priced as the new ones come out. The only drawback I have found between the K-5 and the Canon 7D is that the 7D has a faster autofocus with more points. All in all, I enjoy shooting the K-5 better and find the controls easier to memorize and a little more intuitive.
  5. Canon EOS t2i here, although I have a Panasonic Lumix also that I really like.
  6. Very true! every system has it's strength and weakness... choose the right tool for the right job.

    Pentax is very proud of their small little system (DSLR). But don't let the small business strategy in DSLR fool you. This company is a Giant regarding to Medium format camera business. I have and still using the Pentax 645 (flim) medium format camera - digital back http://www.pentaximaging.com/medium-format. Their quality is not off too much compare to more expensive Hasselblat. My friends who shoot Zeiss and Leica are all impressed by the Pentax's quality and it's friendly price tag.

    A French fashion photographer shoot his project almost exclusively use Pentax DSLR. http://www.benjaminkanarekblog.com/category/benjamin-kanarek-work/

    continue talking about good glass...

    One of the additional good things to use Canon system is of the thinner body depth design, this character allow Canon users to attach other lens to Canon body (although you will lost all auto function) by using converter ring. For micro photography, one of the best glass I ever used is the Leica Macro 100/2.8 APO .IMO absolutely king of this range. Attached good lens from other companies to the canon body,( although lost all the auto functions,) will allow the users to gain the additional quality from lens and sensors. http://slrlensreview.com/web/leica-...acro-elmarit-r-100mm-f28-e60-lens-review.html
  7. I shoot a D800E
  8. That is impressive since this camera is only available for pre-order right now.:hmmm: How do you like the near Medium Format performance?
  9. You need to understand Jesse lives in his own world which is almost void of any reality:clown:
  10. Own the D7000. Love it and the price point. Was a longtime Canon guy until I switched to Nikon in the film days. Never looked back after my Nikon F3HP. Played with the D4 at CES in Vegas... Very nice. D800 is coming and supposed to be awesome. Looking forward to that.
  11. That's very interesting move indeed. Since I also use the legendary F3HP quite a few years... I will just chipped in and talk about some history.

    I was a longterm Nikon camera user, have owned F3 and F4 in the film days; if you use film, you probably know those two models are the true legendary cameras in the Nikon history (if not in the SLR history). but not any more when Canon announce their first Ultrasonic motored lens and camera body in the late 1980' EOS 1. This huge break though technology really end Nikon's wildlife and sport camera's business. read additional history link http://cpn.canon-europe.com/content/education/technical/usmlens_technology.do . The reason being the USM motor are way too fast and much accurate than all other mechanic driven lens. Many wildlife shooters and sport photographers move to Canon EOS 1 system with no hesitation, the evidence was clearly showing on the sport field in the late 90', all white lens! I move to Canon EOS 1v soon after it's released around 2000 with no even consider the F5. Although Nikon has been dominate in the wild angle lens and has been very good at keep the old user happy by retain the compatibility of all the F mounted lens (huge family), the burden of those old lens design really hurt the company. Now Nikon has adapted in the digital SLR field. But let's not forget, Canon was the first company invented the USM, also was the first to develop the CMOS sensor WHILE Nikon and Sony were all laughing at it and said the noise problem in the CMOS system by then won't make the system survive... guess what now??, every company is using CMOS system and probably no one remember the CCD! Noted, I am not here to say which company is better or worse, I still using both system, just thought it would be good to provide some history background... Mark
  12. Sony.
    being able to use Minolta glass with the Sony bodies is extra nice.
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  13. i still shoot about 20 or so rolls/yr. with my F3.
    i love that camera.
  14. Nikon D90....my experience is here and not with a cannon. The D90 made an inexperienced photographer capable. Now with experience, and knowledge of the camera, I can take great shots every time. To me you can't go wrong, but as an individual, get a few cameras in your hand and see what's best for YOU. Just like a fly rod.
  15. Apple iPhone 4S can do amazing things. Seriously.
  16. :(

    If by producing low res images and then covering them with an awful "polaroid/ish aka so hip it hurts" filter is amazing then hell yeah. I hear it does fake tilt focus now too. Just gets better and better.

    Disclaimer Edit: I mean no disrespect. Just being a curmudgeon.
  17. Nikon here....
  18. Currently have a Nikon d200 with several nikon lenses. I usually shoot RAW, then post-process with a couple systems. I knew a couple other co-workers who had Nikons, and was able to borrow one to try before my purchase, along with the ability to borrow lenses from each other, it has worked out well. I have the itch for a d700 but its just not in the finances as of now.
  19. I've shot RAW also... almost got caught so now I keep my clothes on. :hmmm:

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