Which DSLR do you shoot, Canon or Nikon?

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Which DSLR do you shoot?

  1. Canon

  2. Nikon

  3. Other

  1. Well, this is a cool thread to start my first post! I love photography, then fly fishing... (please don't hurt me).

    Nikon D700 lots of Nikon glass... Still shoot the F100, F3HP when I feel nostalgic and the Sony NEC5n for the pocket when fishing....
  2. I started out with a Canon AE-1 and then graduated to an EOS Elan. Since I already had a pretty decent lense with the Elan, I stayed with Canon when I went digital and bought an EOS Rebel TSi.
  3. Olympus 4/3 and adapters for lenses such as Nikon 600/4 AIS
    Olympus 4/3 bodies like E510/E3 have 2x crop, built in body image stabilizers so it turns any lens into IS-not as sophisticated as Canon IS but still fine.
    Have shot Olympus OM cameras since 1976 but like Canon EOS, Nikon too
    they are all great tools
    Dec 2011 snowy owl/coast
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  4. Sony A900, because I had too many Minolta lenses to throw away. 600 f4 on down.
  5. Canon. It's what my school used, it's what the college I'm going to uses, and it's what my mentor uses. No need to switch to Nikon.
  6. Canon for me. Have a 5d mark 2 and a 7d. Just Pre ordered my new 5d mark 3. Was confirmed today inwill have it in my hands on thursday march 22nd . Have way to much money invested in all L lenses to switch over. even though the Nikon D800 did have me play with the thought. Either way you cant go wrong with either.
  7. Just reserved a D800E. There goes my camera budget for a few years. A ton more camera than I will use but I would rather be over gunned than under.
  8. That looks to be a pretty high powered "gun." From the photos you've shown us, I think that you can put it to good use. When does it arrive?
  9. They won't ship until mid April. Kinda of like waiting for xmas in the middle of spring.
  10. I just bought a Nikon D5100 for my wife and I last week for our first SLR and am enjoying learning it so far! I've got some great shots this past week even using dummy mode, so I can't wait to figure the thing out!

    Do you guys use lens filters on your lenses? I haven't bought any yet but my reading has been mixed as some people swear by them for protecting the lens and other don't bother.
  11. Kerry...that's awesome.

    I just replaced a D70 with the D7000 earlier this week. It's pretty amazing how far things have come in such a short time.

    Still carrying the F4s around with some Provia and Velvia too.
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  12. Was just gifted a Sony A700... pretty excited to begin what seems to be an equally addictive (and expensive) hobby as fly fishing :)
  13. Canon. Just upgraded to a 7d 'cause I shoot a lot of sports (soccer, volleyball) and wanted the 8 fps and fancy autofocus system. Anyone interested in my perfect condition 60d???
  14. I bought my wife a Nikon D50 a few years ago and she never uses it so I get to play with it all the time.
  15. The new mirrorless interchangable lens camera by Sony, Cannon, Nikon and such are really very good and easier to travel with.

    I have a Sony Nex-5n with 16mm, 18-55mm and 50-210mm lenses and it takes great pics!
  16. In years past I've had a Leica M3, Rolleiflex SL 26, a Rollei 35 for climbing, and a Pentax Super Program but I'm just a casual user. A couple of years ago after checking Consumer Reports I found a well rated Canon T1i entry level outfit at a good price and have a Canon D10 that both take good photos. Canon Support has gone over the top for me, replacing a 5 year old early digital camera because they had once had a recall on the sensor. They also replaced a brand new camcorder for free even after I told them a faulty port on my PC had damaged the firewire port.
  17. Canon EOS 40D- I used to skateboard a lot, and a lot of my favourite photographers from the magazines would shoot on a Canon EOS 1NRS and I just got sort of hooked into the Canon thing. They were my favourite photogs and they used Canon so in my mind I just slowly naturally became a Canon guy. But in all honesty, both Nikon and Canon are great and I can't say one is better than the other. I just grew up influenced by Canon and have always shot Canon.
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  18. I have to say: it's important to ask the right question.
    Why DSLR?
    Moving mirrors are complex and bulky.
    After being disappointed with Canon's wide angle offerings I sold my Canon gear and bought into the M4/3 system: Panasonic. Lighter, simpler, cheaper and ...... in my opinion, optically, superior. I'm tempted by some of Sony's innovative work, but......
    in the end, it's the image that matters. And Panasonic offers amazing lenses for the money. Actually, forget the money. They are amazing. Period. You have to shoot them to appreciate them, in my opinion. Just sayin'.
  19. Unfortunately, for either Panasonic or me, depending on how you want to look at it, I will never buy another product from Panasonic no matter how good it is. Panasonic screwed me out of almost a grand and they will never get another dime from me again. They have little to no regard for their customers. Panasonic as a company SUCKS!

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