Which sage is better? FLI or VT2

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Have an opportunity to buy an 8wt.. a 10ft Fli or a 9'6" VT2 both are new. I will not have the option of casting them or handling them prior to purchase so I need your help deciding....thoughts?
  2. Geez....that's a little like asking whether lasagna or enchiladas are better. If you can't test them yourself, you just take your chances.......
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  3. I have the vt2 6wt with fighting butt. The reel seat on the non fighting butt version is terrible and easily cross threads. do not get that one. 6wt or above with the salty hardware is nice, buttery (for a med fast rod). not too stiff. I do a lot of single hand spey in the salt with the wulff line and its pretty sweet but its also a good nymph and streamer rod.
    Isnt the fli just a newer version or something?
  4. I have no clue. Sorry I guess I should have mentioned they are 8wts. Both with fighting butts. I think the softer action of the VT2 would be better for nymphing summer runs. There is a new VPS as well I was looking at. Looking around on sites for reviews both rods are spoken highly of.
  5. VT2 over FLI. Easy choice. Never cast the VPS in 8wt, but the trout VPS I cast was sweet.
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  6. I have a 6wt 9' fli and it is a line rocket. Love it.
  7. Vt2. Great rod, one of my favorites in the salt. I also have the vps, great single hand stick.

  8. Personally this is an easy choice. I've never cast an FLI, but I have cast enough VT2s to know that I would look in another direction for anything other than lighter trout rods. I had an 8' 6" 4 wt VT2 for quite a while and it was a great dry fly rod. I've cast several others, including a salty 6 with the thought of using it as a beach rod, but I felt it's more mediumish action wouldn't be the best for heavy flies, windy days, and long distance casting.

    For me, anything I'm going to use an 8 wt on would be better served with a faster action than the VT2. But, that's just me.
  9. "Better' is a highly subjective term. Besides the lasagne vs. enchiladas comparison, another would be to ask whether blondes or redheads are better?

    So much depends on your casting stroke, experience and skill that any recommendations would be nothing more than opinions.

  10. Thanks for all the responses. I'm gonna give it a good think and then commit. Much appreciated.

  11. Yep, what Kent said.

    Is there a price difference for you? Or one is 4 piece vs 2 piece? That could make a difference.

    They are both fine rods, and you would like either. I will tell what will happen; whichever one you get, you're often going to think "This is a fine rod, but what if I had gotten the other on...?".
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  12. I currently own the 8wt 10' FLi and its a fantastic rod. The added length comes in handy for pitching flies or when you hook a live one and need some extra force. I have also owned the 5wt 9' FLi. To me the FLi is a great blank and was built to throw line while staying light in the hand. They have a wider blank and look kinda huge, but dont be fooled its a quality rod. Either way, you cant go wrong with Sage. Good luck.
  13. Kent you are very right. The FLi is 180$ and the VT2 is 200$, there is also a VPS for 175$. So all around the same ish price just want to make an educated choice. I'm just crazy like that I try to research the stuff before I buy it. I'll be using it mostly for salmon and steelhead and later on Atlantic salmon and pike in Germany when I report.
  14. Thomas,

    If you can't cast either before buying, what about buying them both and then returning the one you least favor? My wife buys clothes that way all the time.

  15. Of the two rods, if I recall correctly the FLi has a more progressive flex under load, and the VT2 has a slight more parabolic flex, more reminiscent of the RPL/VPS rods. So, again, back to what many folks have already said, it depends on what you like. Heck, if you can't cast them and have to make a decision now, maybe it should come down to the flip of a quarter, or which reel seat style or rod blank color you prefer. Seriously.
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  16. Absolutely! Or better yet, do what I do and buy 'em both!

  17. Again thanks for all the input. I just pulled the trigger and got the 9'6" VT2. It has the saltwater handle and softer action for nymphing so.... Both sound great so I guess you can't go wrong.
  18. The fli is a sweet, lightweight fast action. As stated above, a line rocket!
  19. I think you made the right call with the VT2. Fli is pretty damn heavy - although a nice rod as well.
  20. I have a Fli 3wt and have found I have had to load it with a 4WF line to make it act like I want/need it to.

    Of the three 3wts I have, it is the least used and only brought out if I want to chuck double nymph rigs on a small stream/river.


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