White River near Auburn

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  1. I just moved to Auburn and walked out of my front door to the definate smell of a river. Following my nose took me to the White river less than a mile from my front porch. I've fly fished the rockies for years but I've been skunked by the Yakima last 3 trips. I checked the rock bottoms on the White and there was a good population of various cased caddis'. Enough to make for a good hatch all summer. What's the scoop on the White? I've never heard it mentioned before. I am primarily after trout and I'd take an evening of catching 8 inchers rather than mow the lawn anytime! Thanks for the help! :LOVEIT
  2. Johnny V sorry I know what you mean, I live right next to it also!! but it doesnt open till october 1st thru feb from mouth to r st bridge in auburn from r st bridge to 410 bridge in buckley is open oct 1st thru oct 31st! then from weyerhauser road 6000 bridge upsteam is june 1st till oct 31st! whitefish is nov 1st till jan 31st!! hope this helps!!! : :SAD
  3. I've had luck catching steelhead in November. It's not a great river, but it does get some steelhead and salmon in the fall. Black wooley buggers tend to work really well. Good luck.
  4. Also, keep in mind that during the spring/summer a lot (most) of the 'trout' will be steelhead smolt. You really shouldn't mess with those little guys. Besides, they are 100 times more fun when they return in 2 or more years and really kick your a$$ :)

    Good luck!
  5. Well said chadk. I've also heard of people catching Dollies in the White, but usually above Mud Mountain Dam. I don't know if you can catch them in the lower river, but at any rate these probably are catch and release also.
  6. i fish the river every year upper and lower there are dollys in bothe i did see :CONFUSED :REALLYMAD a few kid with 8 realy small salmon they thought were trout in sumner at the mouth seen them a week latere with some more i mostly go up by the the 7400 rd and hit it at the mouth of the small creeks and get some nice fish the indans have planted small man made ponds with egg and fry seen tow last year must have had 2mil fish in them they were 12 feet deep and 1feet long and 25 feet wide they had to pack in the fish no roads to them they have also done some habitat structure also i also see some beaver ponds they also were filling with eggs so the nexed coupel of years are :HAPPY going to be better

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