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  1. Orvis isnt a bad brand even if 2 of there fly rods are made in china. :) same goes with rl winston. :)
  2. there are still "moderately priced" Orvis, Sage, etc rods that are great. Like I said before, you might not LIKE their highest end rods. Cast as many rods as you can before buying.
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  3. There is more moderately priced gear now than ever before. You can get a complete outfit from redington, with everything included a case, fly line, etc, and an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY for only 150 bucks. it doesn't get cheaper than that, and those options didn't exist a decade ago. it may not be made in America, but HQ is located on Bainbridge and that's better than nothing.
  4. Orvis encounter rods dont have but a basic non lifetime warranty however my husband is buying me 2 orvis enounter rods to counter buying 1 clear water rod, he said quanity over quality. :D
  5. I catch lots of steel on cheap rods.
  6. I'll finish this debate, purchase whatever rod/equipment makes you the happiest. If the other guy has a different rod, who gives a $hit??? It's not your rod.
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  7. Caught a lot of fish on cheap gear. Caught a lot of fish on nice gear. The fish have never told me which one they preferred.
  8. What reels are they using? Can't really tell but are they kind of look like old Zebco 33's. My daughter's got a Zebco 11 Microcast on hers.

  9. you know it may not seem like it on the surface but calling those things overpriced is rather insulting. At least to anyone who has devoted their entire adult life to making the finest fly rods in the world. Saying they are overpriced suggests that those who have the career of building those rods are not worth the very little they get paid.. Now maybe i am taking this too personally but I am well worth my wages and more. do you think people are getting rich by building fly rods for a living??? the answer is NO. do you know a fly rod manufacturer that can afford to pay their employees a good wage?? I don't! and you say I am not worth it! believe it or not when you say that a product is over priced what you are saying is that the people who make that product are not worth the money they are being paid.

    There are a lot of things i want from life and i have had to tell myself no because i cannot afford them.. some pretty basic things that most Americans take for granted. Am I the smartest guy on the planet or the most skilled. NO. am I worth the respect of my fellow anglers who I have served my whole life? Yes and so are the people at Sage, Winston, Loomis and Scott.. We are damn well worth our wages and the rods we build are worth every penny of our asking price.
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  10. They are tiny Pfleugers, and they suck. All 3 broke irreparably by the third or fourth outing. They now have Zebcos of some kind, but I have low confidence in them too. Spincast reels have sucked for half a century.
  11. Son...a piece of advice...never ever let anybody know how to pull your string. 'Over-priced' is a relative concept....whatever anybody spends is dependent upon their income, needs, and personal taste. I suspect nobody doubts that what you and your peers do for a living is anything less than a labor of love.
  12. spoken just like a condescending, krusty old fart.
    seriously pops, a word of advice, better know someone very well, before calling them son. that is if you want to be taken seriously. my dad is the only one who calls me son, and ever gets taken seriously again. maybe others find it endearing?
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  13. Son, I could care less if you ever take me seriously again. Your string is hanging out.
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  14. There is no such thing as "overpriced". The nice thing about our country is that, with few exceptions, the market determines what an item is worth depending on what people are willing to pay. Personally, I value quality and am willing to pay for it. It seems that whenever these topics come up there is a contingent that wants to convince the world that it is silly to buy expensive gear because you don't need it to catch fish. I agree. You can catch fish using a hand line. You also don't need a Rolex to tell the time, you don't need a Lexus to get to work, you don't need a Yeti cooler to keep things cold, you don't need to fly first class to get to your destination, and you don't need a $800 fly rod or reel to catch a fish. But for the people that chose to go that route, and get additional enjoyment, comfort, or performance from their choice, why would you begrudge them their pleasure?

    I caught a lot of fish using an Eagle Claw rod and a Pfleuger Medalist reel when I was young and broke. I could go out tomorrow and catch a lot more fish with this same set-up. But I can afford high end gear and enjoy my fishing a lot more with a sweet rod and a sexy reel. Call me stupid, but I can tell the difference, and am willing to pay for it.....
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  15. Being frugal (cheap) I don't spend much on gear.
    Have I lusted, yes. I don't care what rod, reel.
    waders you are using.....hell i don't care if you
    cast like me (shitty). If you are catching fish
    I want to know what fly and line you are using.

    My first and favorite stick is a 696 RPL that I
    trade a $300 discount for equipment they were
    buying from me... ie free to me.

    Great rod great deal for me.
  16. i read a book once on a guy on fly fishing, he said he could catch fish with fly and line only and he made it work, only problem is he cut his hand up bad, just depends on gear what you use, he did the no pole just to prove a point.
  17. So is yours.

  18. No need to post pictures of your pacifier, son.
  19. spoken just like a boy who has never been taken seriously in his life. just like all that i have known before that called people son. btw, these days we call that string a fly line, and mine hangs out alot, unlike the posers that think age and experience are the same thing.

  20. Easy Dad. Now who's string is hanging out?

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