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  1. And who started the insults, son?
  2. Who? Who is insulting? Though were just a bunch of dudes having fun here. Shit were you taking things seriously? Wow
  3. I had an Eagle Claw spinning reel growing up (still have it) but I had friends that had Zebco 33's growing up. I don't recall anyone ever having a problem with one. My daughter's Zebco 11 is really solid, I don't think she can do much to it.
  4. I think who started the insults are pretty obvious to those now enjoying their beer and popcorn.

  5. Well it looks like you have a string too. Tell you what if we ever run into eachother the beer is on me.
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  6. Time for an intermission!
    Please enjoy this cute puppy pic!

  7. Only if I get to pick the brewery.
  8. are we talking keystone lite here? seriously dan-o, you are the bigger man, do you hang your string out alot, too ? is it a fat skagit string, or maybe a nicely tapered scandi string ? or maybe you like the looooong string ? and btw, how do you have 1,200 posts? are you like a public school principal ? maybe a maytag repairman? :rolleyes:
  9. Seriously, both of you would be happy drinking whatever urban hipster swill available (PBR?), riding your fixed gear bikes, wearing puffy coats, tight jeans, and growing one of those hipster beards that make you look like a chemo patient wearing a disguise.

    I, on the other hand, being of sound (though exceedingly condescending) mind prefer higher quality swill.
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  10. Sir I have no string. And I am not particular with beer that much. Your invited too. Ever since I found out u like to hang out on the sky I have thrown a wine cooler in there just for you. However its probably bad now as nobody will drink it.
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  11. Dude I'm fat. Any coat I wear is going to be puffy
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  12. Hell...I'm tired. The evening's Matlock episode, and a fresh set of grampers, beckons....good night.
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  13. Didn't work. But points for effort.
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  14. Golfman44,

    I have cast the Clearwater spey in the 8136. It is a very capable rod and I feel casts better than many of the other rods in its price point. I own a couple of them and they are my client rods. They are very easy to cast.
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  15. Sweet. I have the 8wt single hander and love it. I've beat the crap out of it and it still keeps on trucking. I see them at orvis Bellevue but spey rods aren't easy to demo in a parking lot haha
  16. I have a rod on order from Sweetgrass that should be finished soon. It won't be either the least or most expensive rod in my inventory. But it's a solid investment for me. I'd rather spend $1,000 for a bamboo rod than $700 for a plastic (graphite) rod any day of the week. But that's just my personal values. I have rods ranging in price from $35 to $1,800. Are they all worth it? They must be to me. The rest of you don't count.

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  17. Isn't that Yoda?
  18. Its overpriced if you can't afford it. I know the quality of the high end rods are great but if you live on a fixed income it is overpriced. Your employer knows what your are worth and good employees are worth their pay. But, it still remains it is overpriced for many folks.
  19. It's not overpriced if you can't afford it, it's just more expensive than you can afford. Overpriced, to me, means that it's not worth the price. That's a whole other argument.
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  20. i would rather drown in $700 waders then $200 waders
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