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  1. This whole discussion can be explained by Einstein's theory of relativity. It's all relative to your position in the space/time/shinola continuum my friends.
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  2. This has turned into such a retarded thread.

    If you can afford a $100 fly rod then you can just save for 10x as long and buy a $1000 rod. If doing so isn't worth it to you then that doesn't mean they are overpriced. It means you can't/aren't willing to afford them. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't rip on stuff just because it's expensive. It sells at those prices for a reason. Some Burkies are 8 year old tapers but still get sold for over $1100. If they are overpriced they would have gone out of business long ago.

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  3. Always keep a "B" wallet to rathole some cash. As your stash grows: A) keep in mind the next piece(s) of gear that will fullfill a favored niche, and B) keep your eye on the classifieds. Once in a while that magic piece of gear comes up at a ridiculous price. Regardless, at least once a year buy something good. Twice or more if you can afford it. Either way, 20 years from now you will have a nice stable. Keep in mind, a high end rod today will be a fantastic rod for life. (By extension then, a 20 year old top end rod is likely still a great rod today.)
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  4. That "B" wallet is called the "Big Boy Toy Fund" and every man should have one. I have maintained a big boy toy fund for over 40 years now and purchased everything from a $25.00 reel to a $25,000.00 sled with it.

    My favorite, goto steelhead rod is a 20 plus year old Sage 8124. Still one of the best rods Sage ever made.
  5. Sometimes I'm amazed at how little some people know about their gear on Craigslist. I've picked up some great deals. Unfortunately, you have to be willing to troll for quite a while.
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  6. I still fish summer runs with the same Sage RPL+ Ive had for almost 20 years. Same Scientific anglers reel too.
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  7. Sometimes it's tough for some of those folks to know what something is worth that they just acquired via broken car window...
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  8. Ha!! Serial numbers scratched off...sold out of the back of a van with electronics. I really did have one person offer to meet me in the parking lot of a local supermarket. That was my cue to back out of the deal.
  9. Its amazing how satisfied one can be fishing with cheap-ass fly gear, as long as there's no type A braggart dickhead waving his trendy new uber-expensive gear in one's face.

    Now that I'm geared up with good cheap fly gear, I'm no longer in the market for any new stuff at all. My "higher end" (its all... relative) stuff was acquired used, and for a reasonable price. I think I'm good to go, but will eventually have to buy more tippet, and maybe some hooks, but I am stocked up with those for now. I don't plan to spend a single penny on any more fly gear this year. I'm not fishing much lately due to a medical conditon, anyway.
    I may have to get new waders sometime in the future, but I am motivated to patch up the ones I have, if they begin to leak.
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  10. This post didn't convey my thoughts correctly.

    I dont care what rod anybody uses. If whatever you spend gets you to your goal, sobeit.

    I didn't mean to say high end rod guys are not good at fishing. I had tunnel vision in my thoughts at that time and was thinking about beginner fishermen and equipment.

    Good weekend to you all and enjoy the holiday.
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  11. A man after my own way of thinking
  12. Krusty, I don't call anybody younger than me son. It just "Young man". Because it seems that every one I talk to is younger than me. It's fun being an Old Man.
  13. Sup son
  14. overpriced is when 50% of the sale price is marketing cost. overpriced is an 800 dollar asian made rod. overpriced is an 800 dollar rod that has crap cork and components. overpriced is an 800 dollar rod lacking attention to detail. something is not neccesarily overpriced just because you can find a cheaper one that does the job. i think your lexus is overpriced, because i can afford to go fishing alot more since i drive an '01 subaru. but maybe image is more important to you than time on the water ? it all boils down to priorities. image sure isn't one of mine, but i still fish burkheimers.
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  15. it's beyond their budget.. not overpriced. means two completely different things
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  16. Because it is overpriced to you does not automatically mean that the purchaser's priority was their image. I think there are more $50 rods that are overpriced than $800 rods because the $50 rods are complete crap and I wouldn't fish with them if they were free. In all likelihood the purchaser of the Lexus and/or the $800 fly rod also has the means to go fishing whenever they like. Just because you don't believe making these purchases is a priority I don't think you can assume others are doing it because of image.

    For you the choice to drive a Subaru allows you more expendable income for your fishing pursuits. Isn't that the definition of finding a cheaper one that does the job? A Lexus is a more comfortable and luxurious car than a Subaru. It is quieter, has more features, and is rated as one of the safest vehicles on the road. You really have no idea what the Lexus owners motivation for making the purchase is or how the cost impacts their expendable income. The same is likely true of their high end gear purchases......
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  17. I have traded hot peppers, tomatoes, deer pepperstick and sausage, flies, guns, bullets, fire wood and labor for fine fishing rods. whatever it takes. I wont and cant pay full price. I am a retired school teacher and aint got lots of cash. so give a little and get a little. luv clearance and bargin cave stuff. mike w
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  18. I think this thread has run it course. Who give a rats ass on what is expensive and what is not. You fish with what you have and I'll fish with what I have. I don't care what anybody spends for quality gear and cars. Fly fishing is supposed to be fun. Who gives a shit what it all costs.
  19. To answer the original poster's question:
    The kinds of dudes who buy gear at the premium price typically falls into three categories. The most common is the Gear Trader. Typically a guy that lives a fairly comfortable life and has a decent sized fund to afford such prices. A brand new rod and reel that'll run most folks well into the $1,500 range is something that will be financially felt, but not for more than six months. These guys typically having been fishing for a few years and are trying to figure out what it is they like. Inevitably they will sell the set-up for a newer or a different set-up. Nothing wrong with that at all. Typically they are folks from their late 30s into their 60s who work in middle management to upper management within their company.
    The next group is the Gear Sniper. This is the guy that will have read every possible review out there, and narrow the choice down to three specific models to fulfill a specific purpose. Occasionally they can be talked into something different, but more often than not you can see from the look in their eyes when they enter the shop they've got a pretty darn good idea of what they want. Very rarely will you be able to talk them out of it. Most of these dudes are in their mid 20s to late 40s and while they aren't struggling, they do make financial sacrifices in other areas of their life to afford the hobby that they are truly passionate about. You won't see this guy make more than two major ($1,000+) purchases a year. Which again, there is nothing wrong with this.
    The last group is the Make it Rain buyer. These are the dudes that walk into a shop and drop the black AMEX card, who'll be completely outfitted with the very best high tech super gear the shop guys can conjure. Normally they don't care if the gear is time tested and "guide proof" or if it is the latest Gucci gear in the catalog. Playing personal shopper for a guy who clears 10 mil is a helluva lot of fun for a shop rat. I've had guys walk in and tell me point blank, "I don't care the price, outfit my wife and I for a week of fishing in Alaska." I've also had guys who walked in and told me they wanted EVERY ROD in a series and all the reels to go with them. This same guy took me on a trip(as in he paid for everything) to Maine for a week of landlocked Atlantic Salmon and Brook trout fishing. The thing they all had in common besides wealth? They were decent people.
    Like the Old Man said, if seeing this shit really gets to you, you have completely missed the point of this sport and should do something else with your free time. I take great enjoyment out of tying flies, traveling to cool places, meeting interesting people, pursuing these critters with a fly rod and occasionally, take a look at one up close. I like casting as much as I like tying flies. I like floating down a river as much as I like sharing a beer and bowl with good friends. I mean hell people PAY just to float down a river, then on top of that you get to fish too? Hot fucking damn I love this shit.
    I will leave with this; anyone that would begrudge someone for their choices in gear be they frugal or lavish is probably a jackass that abuses small animals in their mother's basement. Anyone that would belittle someone for their choices in gear or the rationale behind making those purchases is a loser with small penis syndrome.
  20. Very well said. Nice post to end this on.

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