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  1. Darth, very well stated.

    When I lived in N. Carolina, my buddy ran into one of those "Make it Rain" guys. The guy walked into the shop, talked to the owner and said. "I'm going to the Kispiox for 10 days. I need gear and someone to help me out." After fully outfitting the guy with everything from Boots to Winston spey rods, they jumped on the guys private jet and headed to Canada for a nice little Steelhead trip.
  2. Steelhead don't care if your rod is red or brown.
  3. Thats true ! But your waders better have Simms written on them.
  4. Mine have Dan Bailey on mine and these are the Bare bones ones. When I bought them many years ago they were 129 bucks. I haven't wore them in about 3 years now. Don't need to I can catch just as many fish from the bank as I can from wading. I only wade now to cool off in the hot summer sun.
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