Who is excited for Pinks?!?!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. I'm in!
  2. Stonefish is excited!!!!! :D
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  3. Larry,
    How did my name come up in this thread? ;)
  4. Yellowlab...the first time I look at this site in two years and this is the first post I see! Can't wait to get into them this summer!
  5. Six million predicted to run!
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  6. Congratulations on your first post in 2.5 years! April 1st, don't forget to buy your fishing license as you've let it lapse for the past 3 years. Glad you'll be getting out with me, will have to bring the kids and have them give it a go this year.
  7. I think they predicted the run in the Snohomish system at almost double what it actually was in 2011. Don't put too much stock in the predictions.
  8. I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I might even go see if I can catch some this year. Somehow, I've always managed to miss the run. I must have been fishing for some other species closer to home, or something.
  10. Also a stronger run predicted for the Skagit! I hope to duplicate an epic day I had floating Marblemount to Rockport mid-Sept 2009. Fresh pods still pushing up the channel, even as others were beginning to hang-out in the shallows awaiting zombie mode. Easy to target the hot ones. My arm feels sore now just thinking about it!
  11. Pinks off the beach anywhere here is a hoot. I'll be on the beach in front of my house about July 25th on. You are all welcome to join me. The fishing is great.
  12. Anyone care to share a pattern or two for Pinks. I imagine a simple bunny leach with some flash would work just fine.
  13. ixnay on the bunny leech. won't get the action you need due to the buoyancy of the bunny strip.

    Size 6 2xl nymph/streamer hook. Heavy tungsten conehead (orange or pink is typically best). some manner of pink hair, feathers, flash on the body (not that important as long as it's sparse). strip, pause, repeat.
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  14. my take on what evan was talking about 2 years ago was a marabou tail, ice-dub body (pink, cerise, or shrimp pink) and tungsten bead (silver or gold) - total fly length about 1-1.5 inches. worked exceptionally well on the lower duwamish. we'll see if something similar works as well for offshore pinks in less than four months.
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  15. For shame! What are you EVEN doing checking this thread out Brian! Humpy Hater! :D:eek:
  16. i can't wait. i hope that the build up in size countinues. it was a blast on my 6wt last year even when i hooked a king. cant wait for more big 6wt action. bring on the pinks.

  17. UV Egg Sucking Angel Hair Shrimp

    Hook: Mustad Signature C47SD #4 (debarb) or Eagle Claw 413 #4 (debarb)

    Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 140 Fl. Pink

    Eyes: Bead Chain Black Medium ( tie in above the hook point, outside gap, glue)

    Plastic Bead: C Pucci 4mm Dark Pink Pearl (C47SD drill and slide up to the eye) (413 mount onto a sewing pin, cut 5/8" the pin just short of the hook point and tie the pin to the shank) or for a more weighted pattern use a Spirit River Hot Bead 5/32" Hot Pink (1 dip in CS Coatings UV Blast)

    Tail/Feelers: Angel Hair Cotton Candy (sparse, long 1 1/2 full hook length 1 1/2"-1 3/4", fold on the thread, cut to a natural looking angled taper)
    Hareline Loco Legs Bonefish Pink (2, long 1 1/2 full hook length 1 1/2", fold back shell back till pulling forward after the body and body dub legs)

    Body: Hareline Micro UV Polar Chenille UV Hot Pink ( loose spin with the dub looped Angel Hair using a dubbing hook, wrap the chenille dub noodle)

    Body Dub Legs: Angel Hair Cotton Candy (sparse, long, dub looped 3", loose spin with the Micro UV Polar Chenille using a dubbing hook, wrap the chenille dub noodle, pick, brush out, pull and fold downward to make room for the shell back)

    Shell Back: Hareline Loco Legs Bonefish Pink (pull forward over the top, stretching slightly, for the shell back)

    Dub Finish Collar: Hareline UV Ice Fl. Hot Pink, Hareline Senyo's Laser Hot Pink (1/2 each, sparse, long, split thread dub loop, loose spin, 2 turns, whip finish, cut the thread, pick and brush out)




    I wanted a flashy Angel Hair pink salmon shrimp beach pattern. The bead chain eyes are just enough weight to turn the hook point up right (C47SD). I fished this pattern for the first time summer 2011. It quickly became my favorite pink salmon beach pattern.

    Fished off of Rio Outbound Short 6wt., 5' Airflo Trout Int. Poly Leader and 5' 10lb. fluorocarbon.

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  18. Same here, its the busy time of year and I always seem to be gone for work. Hopefully this year I get a week or two to try and catch a pink.
  19. You only need a hour or two if you go to a hot spot, of couse whats hot one day can be cold the next.

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